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Date:   November 21st, 2017

The World Health Organization recently concluded an analysis of data from 77 countries and discovered several cases in which gonorrhea was unaffected by multiple or all of the currently-available drugs, therapy and treatment administered. With this virulent strain of antibiotic resistant gonorrhea on the rise, what can be done to halt its spread?

Date:   November 17th, 2017


How often should I get tested if I’m single?

To answer one of the fundamental questions about STIs, it is imperative to be tested before any kind of sexual activity with a different partner. The new

should as well be tested.

Date:   July 28th, 2017

You Can Protect Yourself From STDs Using These Tips


The most accurate way of avoiding contracting an STD is total abstinence from sex. Unfortunately, this has never been an option for most of us. All the same, you can still have sex and at the same time avoid contracting an STD. There are diverse ways to do so. The main question is but how? The first step is knowing yourself and knowing your partner too. More so, knowing the importance of condoms as well as safer sex is also a crucial step. With that said, you must be dying to hear more. There we go!

Date:   July 26th, 2017

A Few Tips To Handle an STI Case Effectively


Are you suspecting that the less expected has happened? From the look of things, it may seem that you already have a sexually transmitted disease. The good thing is every problem under the sun has a solution. You will overcome this soon or later. To ensure that you come out of the situation triumphantly then there is you can do something about it. The first step in working out of this nightmare is taking a deep breath and remembers that you are not absolutely sure whether you already have one or it’s just an assumption. All the same, since you have the notion that it might be an STD behold a list of crucial guidelines to take into account.

Date:   July 24th, 2017

Sexually Transmitted Infections


The number of sexually transmitted diseases is rising at a high rate. Despite advanced health measures put in place, the situation is deteriorating. In fact, the chief Falls Community Medical Officer Dr. Jeniffer Tinguely points out that there is a major problem especially with the spread of these infections. The sad part of the story is that most people are not aware of the predicament. As a result, most people seem not to care about STD testing.

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