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Date:   April 5th, 2019

Statistics according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention say that there are over 21 million new STI infections in the United States annually. I think we can safely say it is a pandemic and more people should be getting tested.


Basically, anyone who is sexually active should consider taking an STD test. However, people in the following categories are considered to be at higher risk and should definitely take the test.

Date:   April 2nd, 2019

You’ve probably been involved in one of these street conversations about Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs).


You’ve probably heard about the window period- the total duration that the virus or an infection takes to be detected through testing in the course of your interactions.

Date:   March 29th, 2019

In most cases, STDs do not show symptoms, so it’s your responsibility to seek testing in good time. Testing is the surest way to ascertain your health status.


So if you’ve engaged in sex- vaginal, anal or oral- do not hesitate to see a doctor, a nurse, or any other medical practitioner for testing.

Date:   March 26th, 2019

STD testing ranks as one of the things that most people fear. If it were possible, people would get tested in the privacy of their homes.


The stigma that comes with having STD tests leads people to shy away from being tested – a situation which is more dangerous.


Date:   March 22nd, 2019

You acquire STIs primarily through sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse, however, is not the only means through which you are likely to acquire the STI infections.


Listening to people discuss issues of STIs, I’m sometimes taken aback.


Even today, there are a good number of myths and misconceptions about various Sexually Transmitted Infections. And as if that is not enough, studies have shown that many people still lack essential knowledge of STIs, their causes, and the best preventive measures.

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