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Date:   April 30th, 2021

What are the Most Common Skin Conditions below the waist?

There are several skin conditions that affect humans. However, skin disorders that affect below the waist of individuals can sometimes prove very embarrassing and perplexing. Seeing bumps, rashes, or dry patches around your private parts can be downright anxiety-inducing.

Of course, not all skin conditions below the waist should cause alarm. Some signs and symptoms are completely harmless, though they may be annoying and irritating. In contrast, others can be warning signs of serious medical concerns.

Date:   April 20th, 2021

Sore throat after blow job

A lot of people, especially teenagers, consider oral sex as being "safe" sex. "Safe" sex is defined by many as having sexual satisfaction in a way that reduces the chance of getting pregnant.

However, according to health professionals, "safe sex" is defined as a sexual practice that significantly reduces or prevents the chances of getting infections from a sexual partner.

Medical professionals do not consider oral sex as safe unless there are no precautions to prevent or reduce the transmission of diseases between partners or if the partner is not infected.

Therefore, if done without protection, oral sex is not naturally considered "safe" since most STDs can be transmitted through oral sex.

Keep digging through this post to learn more about STIs, which can be transmitted through oral sex, the type of symptoms to check out for, and what you should do if you experience a sore throat after blow job.

Date:   April 10th, 2021

Why you could be experiencing vaginal itching after sex

Even if you have been having sex with one or multiple sexual partners or just have a one night stand, vaginal itching after sex brings a lot of discomfort to women and can be painful and discomforting.

Millions of women worldwide always complain about vaginal itching or itchiness related to the intimate parts associated with the vagina, such as the vulva, labia, and even clitoris.

Date:   February 10th, 2021

Used or New: Which way to buy a Recreational Van

Nothing is as valuable as the time spent with pals and siblings. Most of us don't realize it until you have a full-time job that's threatening to eat up all our time, or you're solo because loneliness is the only friend you know.

Spending quality time with loved ones is an excellent chance to forget everything else-- and pitching camp outdoors, away from home, can make the moments even more memorable.

Comfort and survival are your priorities when planning a family recreation or scavenging the wilderness with buddies. No wonder most people buy a recreational van or, at the least, get a used one.

Date:   January 30th, 2021

What are the STDs you can get from kissing?

Kissing is one of the most common signs of affection that exists in almost every culture. It can vary from a quick peck on the cheek to a long passionate smooch. However, kissing on the lips is always preserved for people in intimate relationships.

Kissing is always seen as a social pleasure, the perfect end to a date, and a way of bonding with our loved ones. Families, friends, children, and loved ones kiss to show love, attraction, affection, and kissing is more than these in some cultures.

As everything else with benefits must have its shortcomings, this lovely act of colliding lips and tongue can lead to serious health concerns.

In this article, we will shed some light on kissing to help you understand what it entails and enlighten you on which STDs you can get from kissing.

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