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Date:   May 24th, 2017

Telling An American To Use A Condom Is A Turnoff


Guys in America won’t accept that condoms play a major role in ensuring safety when having sex. It’s the most enjoyable act that you can give a man, but to avoid worrying about STD Testing one should always protect them in the act. A national survey has revealed that young adults in the ages from 18 – 24 don’t use condoms a lot. They prefer to go it unprotected saying that it’s more fun.

Date:   May 22nd, 2017

Unprotected Sex No Matter How You Do It Is Dangerous


When you think of how we enjoy swimming, you can only imagine how pleasurable it can be to have sex in that pool. You don’t have to worry about lubrication given that water is all around you. That doesn’t make you safe from catching an STD and you should go for STD Testing if you have practiced this before with a partner whom you don’t have good information about their status.

Date:   May 20th, 2017

Check The Following Points And Keep STDs At Bay

We all know how comfortable and good we feel after a shave down there. It can be disturbing to hear that by doing so we will be increasing our chances of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. The intercourse itself without protection is enough to make you get infected, whether you had shaven or not. Some may observe that if one shaves and immediately participates in unprotected sexual activity they increase the risk of getting diseases through the open poles. STD Testing is vital to ensure that your partner is as clean as you are.

Date:   May 18th, 2017

Youths Should Be Offered Sexual Health Education Early


Between January and April last year, Lubbock County reported 41 cases of syphilis infections, which is triple the rate that was a year earlier. Chlamydia cases were also high in comparison to previous data, but HIV and gonorrhea were still in control. Lubbock is known to have a high rate of sexually transmitted diseases cases, where it ranks at number 15 among all the counties in Texas.

Date:   May 16th, 2017

The Causes Of The Abrupt Increase In The Infections

The year 2015 recorded an increase in STD infections, which were so high to make researchers wonder whether it was all about unprotected sex. The use of the three preventive measure that are the use of condoms, routine STD Testing and being faithful to a single sex partner can lower the infection rates, but given that people were aware just as before the rise in the infections in Gallatin County couldn’t be clearly explained.

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