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Date:   February 10th, 2021

Used or New: Which way to buy a Recreational Van

Nothing is as valuable as the time spent with pals and siblings. Most of us don't realize it until you have a full-time job that's threatening to eat up all our time, or you're solo because loneliness is the only friend you know.

Spending quality time with loved ones is an excellent chance to forget everything else-- and pitching camp outdoors, away from home, can make the moments even more memorable.

Comfort and survival are your priorities when planning a family recreation or scavenging the wilderness with buddies. No wonder most people buy a recreational van or, at the least, get a used one.

Date:   January 30th, 2021

What are the STDs you can get from kissing?

Kissing is one of the most common signs of affection that exists in almost every culture. It can vary from a quick peck on the cheek to a long passionate smooch. However, kissing on the lips is always preserved for people in intimate relationships.

Kissing is always seen as a social pleasure, the perfect end to a date, and a way of bonding with our loved ones. Families, friends, children, and loved ones kiss to show love, attraction, affection, and kissing is more than these in some cultures.

As everything else with benefits must have its shortcomings, this lovely act of colliding lips and tongue can lead to serious health concerns.

In this article, we will shed some light on kissing to help you understand what it entails and enlighten you on which STDs you can get from kissing.

Date:   January 20th, 2021

What does the spots in my penis tell me?

The penis is the major part of the body that is always linked to a man's sense of masculinity. And any unpleasant blemish on it can not only be detrimental to a man's vanity and result in a long-term sexual health problem to the unlucky few.

Though men are always worried about the pimples, rashes, or dark spots on the penis, the good news is most of these unsightly blemishes are normal and harmless.

Dark spots on penis may result from poor hygiene or minor irritations, which normally disappears in two or three days. However, dark spots on penis can also be due to sexually transmitted infections and can be accompanied by other symptoms and may need treatment.

This post will look at some of the common spots on the penis, causes, level of seriousness, and possible treatments.

Date:   January 10th, 2021

What are the pimples on penis, and should you get worried

It's common for men to notice pimples on their penis and immediately associate it with Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Of course, it might not be wrong in all situations since there are non-infectious and infectious causes of pimples on penis. But who would love to have spots on their penis anyway?

Most men are so attached to their penises, and there is no doubt spots, lumps, bumps, or pimples on the penis will cause embarrassment, and to some, it may cause sexual function issues.

In this article, we take you a comprehensive discussion on pimples' causes, signs, and symptoms. Additionally, to enlighten you on whether to be worried when a spot is noticeable on your penis, and ways of handling or treating such situations.

Date:   December 30th, 2020

Facts about Fordyce spots: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

There could be some situations when you did see some whitish or yellowish spots. Either on someone’s lips, cheeks, or you personally currently experiences them. Maybe you are wondering what they are, their causes, and you are concerned about finding a solution. Well, the spots are known as Fordyce Spots.

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