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Date:   August 10th, 2018

Treatment Options for Syphilis



Though old timely it is still real to contract syphilis as reported by Dr Gillian. She says that people should not be ignorant that it is a disease of the sailors since its infection is affecting the whole population and its rise amounting to 20%.

Date:   August 7th, 2018

Gonorrhea Is the Most Prevalent STD in Canada



Through technology, it is easier to find sex and more so anonymous sex online. It is also possible to be connected to different sexual partners. Furthermore, it has been realized that the gay community is notorious at engaging in condom less sex and thus faces the highest risk to STIs.

Date:   August 3rd, 2018

What Causes The Increase In STDs?



For this reason, the people who are active sexually are encouraged to go for testing and take up treatment if need be. “Regular testing and sticking to specific sex partners should help manage this crisis,” said Joni Hensley. It was observed that Chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis were prevalent in this state with a higher rate of infection being among men who have sex with men and also in women at the age of 20-24 years being more susceptible to Chlamydia infection.

Date:   July 31st, 2018

Concerns Raised Over Syphilis and Gonorrhea


The rise of both syphilis and gonorrhea cases has raised a great concern and the rise being linked to increased casual sex “hookup” apps coinciding with cuts to services. Also the increase has been evident with a 78% margin among the gays, bisexuals and in other men who have sex with other men.

Date:   July 27th, 2018

STD that affecting without noticing



Chlamydia is the most common type of STD that affects the largest population in the country. 2016 health data shows that more than 1.5 million Americans were impacted by the disease. Apart from just the cases being so high, people still make the mistake of assuming that Chlamydia is primarily spread via sexual activities, says Julie Dombrowski, MD. The reality of the matter is that gender, sexual behavior, age and sexual orientation also affect the infection risk of an individual.

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