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Date:   December 20th, 2020

Sexual Health Education Plays a Significant Role in today’s Society

Truly, most people find it hard to talk openly about sex issues and other problems that affect their sexual lives. So, what is “sex education”?  Well, sexual health education explains all the relevant information about sex, sexuality, body changes, and how to approach relationships/sexual-related problems.

With extensive sex talk, anyone is in a position to make wise decisions on matters like best birth control methods, body image, and how to avoid STIs. You can access sexual education in schools, on the internet, books, peers, community, and places of worship.

Most people do not want to openly talk about sex and sexuality matters because they think that it encourages the youth to have sex, which is not true.  Remember, the main objective of implementing sex education is to make sure the youths have skills, knowledge, and values. Such values will assist them in making good and healthy decisions about sexual/relationship matters in the future.

Date:   December 10th, 2020

Condoms for Contraception & Sexually Transmitted Infections

A condom is a thin, fitting tube-like material that males rolls over their penile shaft when having sex or one which females insert in their vaginal opening before sexual intercourse.

Condoms are meant to prevent pregnancies; thus they can be classified as contraceptives. But they also prevent a healthy user from contracting sexually transmitted infections if their sex partner is infected.

Condoms are built to prevent the semen (from males) from getting into contact with a females’ sexual fluids. Sometimes, condoms are referred to as a barrier or just rubber. However, it is not advisable to use both male and female condoms at the same time. 

Date:   November 30th, 2020

What Have you heard About Sexually Transmitted Infections?

Venereal diseases, as STDs used to be known, are among the most common infectious diseases.

Sexually transmitted infections are severe diseases and must be responded to swiftly. Still some are incurable and can be deadly if not responded to in time.

 STIs can be contracted via anal, vaginal, or oral sex. They can also be contracted via contact with moist objects such as wet clothes, towels, or toilet seats. However, the most common mode of transmission is sexual contact with infected persons.

Some infections are in the inform of bacterial sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhoea, syphilis, and chlamydia while others are viral such as HIV, genital warts, genital herpes and hepatitis B.

To prevent such occurrences personal hygiene and use of protection during intercourse are a must-do.

Social practices such as having one sexual partner can also help control the spread of the diseases. It is also advisable to always use a condom.

Date:   November 20th, 2020

The Use of Sex Toys Is on the Rise

The world Adult Toy industry is currently estimated at $30 billion, and by 2026, the industry is expected to jump to over $50 billion.

In modern-day society, the use of sex toys is an everyday thing. Everyone from twosomes, solos, Millennials, to people of old age want to experiment with an intimacy product.

It is perfectly okay to use sex gadgets. So far, toys are considered safe to a user, but bad practices like sharing yours will put you at risk of contracting diseases. Failure to clean your personal pleasures toys is also risky business.

Otherwise, good hygiene and using your butt plug or dildo alone can eliminate the risk of diseases and sexually transmitted infections.

Date:   November 10th, 2020

The Best Condoms in the Market Offer Both Protection and Additional Features

A condom acts as the barrier between individuals indulge in sexual intercourse. Most are latex-made but you can find other nature-inspired forms or synthetic types. Condoms serve as a form of contraception while also preventing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

But today’s best condoms in the market offer additional features that go beyond sexual protection and contraception. Condom manufacturing firms are experimenting with discreet packaging, ultra-thin material, and new tech to create the finest condom brands.

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