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Date:   November 6th, 2018

Cases of Chlamydia on the rise once again


However, little input has been employed in treatment of Mgen related disease since it is often misdiagnosed as Chlamydia and thus higher chances of its development to a “superbug”. Studies reveal too that Mgen may also mutate to a superbug within a period of 10 years. These bacteria are approximated to be found in between 1-2% of   infected men and women with no symptoms presented. Some symptoms may be observed in patients, but they are often mistaken for other STIs including Chlamydia. The disease caused by Mgen may sometimes be misdiagnosed and treated for Chlamydia since there do not exist commercial diagnostic tests for Mgen like those for chlamydia.

Date:   November 2nd, 2018

Gender differences in the infection of STIs


An approximate estimate reveals that 78 million people are infected with this infection caused by Neisseria gonorrhea as at the WHO statistics. This study reveals that the men show pronounced signs of infection. Gender features are of significant in this study since the symptoms are better identifiable in males and according to the research by scientists from Tufts University School of Medicine shows that there are gender specific signals in infection and resistance genes to antibiotics after conducting their study and comparing the gonococcal gene expression and its regulation in both genders.

Date:   October 30th, 2018

Alzheimer’s disease and herpes strain linked


However, experts gave hope that people should not worry since this disease is not caused by herpes viruses. Scientists are yet to identify the exact cause for this disease although genetics, lifestyles and environmental factors could contribute as well as the observed herpes condition in the brain. Another study published in the Neuron journal revealed that people with Alzheimer’s diseases had higher levels of herpes strains 6A and 7. These strains do not cause genital herpes and cold sores but rather causes roseola in children. However, with advanced studies it would be possible to know those at risk of attack and the suitable treatment methods.

Date:   October 26th, 2018

The county records exorbitant rates of STIs


The family planning aims to reduce instances of unintended pregnancies with contraceptives and other services. These services had been disrupted in January in Milwaukee health department as reported by Angela.

Date:   October 23rd, 2018

Clinton County records a spike in STD


However, there has been a rise in the STDs rates in this county compared to 2017 where there was a 175% increase in gonorrhea cases, 33% increase in syphilis and 13 % rise in chlamydia rates. According to the Center of Disease Control, the high rise of STDs is in women, infants, gays and the bisexual men.

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