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Date:   October 29th, 2020


What is the Link between Sexual Inactivity & Early Menopause


Is it true that engaging in less and less sex (as you age) can cause early menopause if you’re female? 

If so, it can be scary news, especially if you have a vagina and uterus that you would love to remain fertile forever. But not so scary, because you can choose to stay sexually active and still live healthy and happier.

Well, it all sounded like a made-believe story until a Jan 15, 2020 publication featured in the Royal Society of Open Science released a report that could lend credibility to the idea.

The report found that females who engaged in sexual activity at least once every week were over 25 percent are less susceptible to menopause than those who never had sex in a month.

Other findings were that females who had sex per month were 19 percent less likely to enter menopause than those who engaged in lesser sex than that.

Date:   October 19th, 2020

Your Guide to Proctitis and a Swollen Rectum

A swollen rectum can be a red flag for many things, but more often than not, Proctitis is the first suspect.

This condition leads to swelling in the rectal lining. And while those who are sexually inactive (and those who’ve never engaged in sexual activity before) can be victims, people who engage in sex are more prone to Proctitis.

The rectum is the lower end of your digestive tract, next to your anus. In essence, it links the end of your large intestines to the anus. Any waste matter must pass via the rectum before it exits the body through the anal cavity.

A swollen rectum can cause discomfort and make pooping painful. Though severe and repetitive cases may call for surgery, you can cure many Proctitis infections with prescription antibiotics.

Date:   October 9th, 2020

A Spotlight on Technology-Based Condoms

Condoms are one of the cheapest yet effective methods of sexual protection. Condoms serve as a physical barrier between sexual partners and prevents the exchange of sexual fluids. In this way, they prevent pregnancies and the transfer of Sexually transmitted diseases and infections.

Technology-based condoms are a new and innovative way of contraception. Many people do not like the traditional latex condom. Latex can cause allergies in some individuals. An increase in the demand for latex-free condoms motivates companies and firms to develop new useful products.

Many people also prefer condoms that are light and slim. Such products offer an almost natural feel for users. Others come in different sizes, colors, and scents, depending on consumer needs.

Unplanned pregnancies and STDs can affect the quality of life. Sexually transmitted diseases and infections can affect your reproductive and overall health. You must undergo regular STD testing if you are sexually active.

Date:   September 30th, 2020

Are Female Hygiene Products Safe for Your Vagina

Are douches, wipes, lubes, gels, deodorants, or any other products women use on their reproductive parts, for one reason or another, useful? And most worryingly, are they safe for female reproductive health?

We take a comprehensive look into the entire matter to separate facts from rumors and help you make an informed decision.

Many women worldwide are buying such staff (and in the process) funding a growing Female Hygiene Products Market oblivious of the harmful effects of some of the items.

Date:   September 19th, 2020

Trends in the Adult industry

Many of us aren’t aware of what transpires in the back-end of the adult industry.

And while we enjoy new changes and a better experience than we did yesterday, we may not be aware of happens in the background, from a consumer’s perspective.

The truth is, most service providers are working tirelessly to give the best experience possible. Being a relatively new sector, we must give it time to learn from its mistakes and grow like any other industry.

That said, let’s catch up with what you might have missed in the adult sector

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