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Date:   March 22nd, 2019

You acquire STIs primarily through sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse, however, is not the only means through which you are likely to acquire the STI infections.


Listening to people discuss issues of STIs, I’m sometimes taken aback.


Even today, there are a good number of myths and misconceptions about various Sexually Transmitted Infections. And as if that is not enough, studies have shown that many people still lack essential knowledge of STIs, their causes, and the best preventive measures.

Date:   March 15th, 2019

After I watched a Television series on how gonorrhea affects the human body, I swore never to engage in sex for the rest of my life. It was devastating!


I had not known the extent to which some of these Sexually Transmitted Diseases can make the body deteriorate. I made up my mind; I would never have sex again.

Date:   March 12th, 2019

Sex is natural. It happens in the absence or presence of sexual education. Both young people and old enjoy sexual intercourse.


The mention of the words ‘sex’ or ‘sexual intercourse’ sometimes makes people afraid. Many people believe that sex should be secret and should not be discussed in public places.

Date:   March 8th, 2019

Growing up, I always wanted to be a medic. I was so touched by the health conditions of people, especially in their sick bed.


But my parents wouldn't let me be. You see, our parents always have a dream that they want us to achieve for them. It is in that dream where their pride lies.

Date:   March 5th, 2019

Anyone having sex should not fear STD testing because some STDs can be present in the body without any signs and symptoms. You aren’t going to remain safe from the infection by staying away from free STD testing.


We sometimes think that by refusing to go for STD testing, we remain free from the infection. This is not true. Instead, we start to live in denial as the infection continues to affect us.

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