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Date:   December 12th, 2019


Possible Explanations for Brown Vaginal Discharge after Period


It’s quite disturbing when a woman experiences discharge that’s brown.  But there’s nothing so alarming about it, especially if it happens after menstruation.

When having periods, at times, blood remains in the uterus and turns brown after some time. Thus, brown vaginal discharge after period consists of dried blood that took long to leave the womb.

This condition is in most cases not a problem for most femalesunless other symptoms accompany it.

In this article, we will dwell on the causes of brown vaginal secretions.

  • after having a period
  • when you miss periods
  • alongside other symptoms
Date:   December 8th, 2019


Oral STDs and Symptoms— And Ways to Get Screened

Most people believe that they can’t contract sexually transmitted infections and diseases by engaging in sex with their mouths – an activity known asoral sex.

Oral sex is when the mouth including the tongue and lips comes into contact with the private parts.

Skin contact with the private parts makes one prone to contracting a sexually transmitted infection if their mate is infected.

That’s why you want must take preventive measures if you must engage in sex that way. Go fora dental dam or tongue condom.

This post will go through the oral stds and symptoms, and ways to get screened.

Date:   December 4th, 2019


A Man's Guide on How to Deal with Friction Burn on Genital

A friction burn is the result of excessive rubbing of the penis. It could occur during sexual intercourse or masturbation.

Sometimes it can be caused by wearing tight clothes that rub against the penis. And other times, drying the penis with a coarse towel after a bath could lead to a friction burn on genital.

This condition causes the redness and discomfort of the penis. It generally renders one susceptible to fungal and viral infections.

Date:   November 30th, 2019

What Could Cause a Dry Vagina Skin?

A thin layer of moisture coats the lining of vagina walls. Glands secrete this moisture at the cervix.

Vaginal secretions provide an alkaline environment that favors the sperm voyage to the ovum — this moisture aids in cleaning the vagina and removing dead cells.

A dry vagina skin can be a result of hormonal changes in the body, aging or due to an infection or disease.

A dry vagina can significantly impact your sex life. You need to understand its causes, effects, prevention, and treatment measures.

Date:   November 26th, 2019

Controversial Causes of STIs and STDs

One of the predisposing factors to contracting STIs is engaging in unprotected sex with an infected partner. But some STIs, as you will come to learn, are passed through other means.

Let’s go through some controversial causes of STIs and STDs.

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