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Date:   November 10th, 2019


What You Should Know about Lambskin Condoms and STDs


Have you ever heard of the term lambskin condoms? What are they, how are they different from latex, rubber, or plastic condoms?

This article will discuss everything about these types of condoms, their best uses as well as what it cannot protect you from. It will also discuss lambskin condoms and STDs.

You will notice a major difference in these condoms compared to other forms. Let's start by defining what they are.

Date:   November 6th, 2019


Itchy Swollen Vag Lips no Discharge: Causes and Remedies


Hey ladies! There could be a few causes for an itchy vulva that is starting to swell but showing no signs of discharge.

In many cases, the conditions that lead to an itching swollen vag no discharge— like yeast infections—also lead to discharge. So in cases where you don’t see any discharge but still feel the itchiness, you could be suffering from the following conditions.

Date:   November 2nd, 2019


Travelling with HIV: Essential Preparation Tips


When planning for a trip or vacation and you are HIV positive, it is essential to prepare and familiarize yourself with the resources you need to make the trip comfortable.

Travelling with HIV is no big deal; but, there are restrictions in place by several domestic and international travel destinations. Therefore you must plan adequately before you hit the road or touch the skies.

Date:   October 29th, 2019


UnderstandingSexually Transmitted Infections



It is not uncommon for females to experience a dry vagina even when they are totally into a session with a mate. And when it does, adding a lube may be the next most reasonable thing to do.

But how many times is your lubricant with you when it's time to get down to business? Honestly, not always!

And in the absence of lube, most millennials will tell you to saliva is the next best option if you're looking to reduce friction during penetration.

Well, no one is saying it won't improve the situation at that time. But are there downsides to using some spit to moist up a dry vagina.

Date:   October 25th, 2019


A Medical Test could make it Easy to Detect a New Member of the Sexually transmitted diseases


It can be hard to be identified if you keep to a subtle nature, which is the case for the tiniest bacteria ever discovered by the scientific community.

The bacteria known as Mycoplasma Genitalium is said to be more widespread than the Gonorrhea bacteria. It is a newbie in the list of sexually transmitted diseases.

M. Gen has been tough to identify due to its size and lack of a reliable technique to determine whether a patient is infected or not

However, a recent milestone in developing a method for detecting the bacteria has been developed by a company known as name Hologic Inc. The company—previously known as Gen-Probe---is based in San Diego.

The company is known for its success in automating blood scans for sexually transmitted diseases including all types of Hepatitis and HIV and recently has been the fifrst company to be accredited by the FDA to conduct their Mycoplasma genitalia tests on patients.

Other companies have recently joined Hologic Inc. in developing such diagnostic tests.

 In May, the FDA formalized a second mycoplasma genitalium identification test for Swiss pharmaceutical company, Roche, while SpeedDX the Australian pharmaceutical company has applied for approval for their inhouse test capable of identifying the resistance of M. genitalium to antibiotics.

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