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Date:   September 14th, 2018

Survival rates are low for patients with untreated Penile Cancer


Statistics will guide sexually active people


The practice of safe sex, abstinence, and mutual monogamy can curb the risk of penile cancer. Early treatment of penile cancer brings good survival rates. The term testicular cancer is different from but penile cancer - a rare disease that affects men, with 2,300 cases being recorded annually in the United States.

Date:   September 11th, 2018

5 STDs with no symptoms


The nature of asymptomatic STIs


The attribute of an infection being asymptomatic makes people engage in sex that spreads sexually transmitted infections. You face and genitalia are the most visible areas of manifestation, and your bikini line may also be a nice place for these infections. The practice of unsafe sex is a high risk for the fast spread of these five STDs without symptoms.

Date:   September 7th, 2018

Women must be careful of the 8 deadly symptoms of syphilis



Treat Syphilis bacteria immediately


Contracting the bacterial infection brings fear and sadness, but syphilis bacteria can be treated with a quick shot of antibiotics meds. The bacteria are in its latent state when after a year of not treating the infection. Syphilis can stay in your body for many years when you leave the infection untreated.

Date:   September 4th, 2018

Oral and Genital Herpes; the thin line between HSV-1 and HSV-2



Spots of HSV herpes on the body


Several victims have HSV-1 that's the main cause of oral herpes than the HSV-2 virus. The location of the Herpes infection type is the significant difference between HSV-2 and HSV-1 infections. With cold sores appearing on the facial skin around the lips, they also spread as lesions around the genital region. In the number of sexually active people between 14 and 49 years of age, there are over one in six people with genital herpes infection.

Date:   August 31st, 2018


Some young women at not worried risk despite the surge of STI scourge



Clinical survey by Quest Diagnostics


Despite the prevalent rate of sexually transmitted infections (STIs or STDs), many sexually active people who are exposed to these infections don't see the need to get a test; this was revealed by an industry-sponsored survey. The group, Quest Diagnostics is known for interpreting and conducting medical lab test for STDs. One of its findings from a test conducted on 4,500 young women and their healthcare providers showed a shocking pattern of their beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors.

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