• Your lab visit takes only 15 minutes. All you need to provide is blood and/or urine sample.

  • Result will be available in as little as 48 to 72 hours in your online account privately and securely.

  • Our team is available to you to assist with making a treatment or find a local medical services if needed.

How does your fast Hepatitis B testing work?

For our Hepatitis B STD check, you will only need to provide a blood sample. No preparation is needed, so there is no need to fast or do anything beforehand. No exam is required either, so you don't have to worry about undressing or swabbing.

One tube of blood will be drawn from you at the lab center. We use this sample to complete a Surface Antigen Test, which screens for antigens, or proteins, on the surface of the virus. The Surface Antigen Test can accurately distinguish between a new Hepatitis B infection and an old one. This screening is FDA approved and is one of the most reliable detection methods available.

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Why choose our fast testing method as your preferred STD testing option?

The Hepatitis B test is recommended if you believe you have been exposed to the Hepatitis B virus within the past six weeks. Exposure may occur via sexual intercourse or through the sharing of a needle. The Hepatitis B STD check is recommended as part of your standard sexual health practices, especially if you have had unprotected sex with a partner that is infected.

We recommend waiting approximately six weeks following the potential exposure before taking a Hepatitis B test. Though it is possible to detect the virus in as little as three weeks, hepatitis b testing results will be far more accurate six weeks after infection. Your hepatitis b testing lab visit will only take approximately 15 minutes.

If you have not recently been screened for other STDs such as gonorrhea, chlamydia or syphilis, we recommend you additionally undergo our Standard 5 Panel or our Complete 8 Panel.

We are proud to provide high quality, trust worthy care to our patients

  • CLIA-certified/FDA-approved laboratory centers
  • Hepatitis B testing results in three days
  • Confidential and private
  • Access to Care Advisors seven days a week, 6:00am - 10:00pm CST
  • Clinical consults as necessary
  • Treatment or referrals if needed
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