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Date:   March 12th, 2016

There are only a few schools that teach the pupils how to secure themselves against HIV and other STDs, how to prevent being pregnant at a young age and other essential health related matters.

Date:   March 9th, 2016

Young and old are both at risk of syphilis and they must be both screened for STDs. The recommendation complements that all of the pregnant women must be screened for syphilis. The rates of the disease in the U.S are now rising with more than 20,000 cases of the most primitive stages of syphilis reported in 2014,

Date:   March 6th, 2016

The pap smears test

There was a primary change in the test rules for Pap smears and that was introduced in 2009, but that showed unintentional significance like some of the women are not going through the screening for chlamydia, which is a kind of sexually transmitted disease that may lead to infertility if not diagnosed right away.  This data is according to a current research that was able to find out how chlamydia screening can help those who are 5 years old to 21 years of age and how it failed after the national guidelines were altered to detect the routine Pap test for cervical cancer before they reach the age of 21, since there is a proof that showed how it never provided benefits for young women.

Date:   March 3rd, 2016

The present study about STDs There is a current study about STD and it has been sending bad news that people must be worried about. There is a new sexually transmitted infection nowadays and it is the Mycoplasma genitalium. Even if the experts have discovered the presence of MG since 1980s, the new journal has been published and that alone revealed the bacterial infection, which actually lives in the urinary tract, as well as in the genital tracts that may be transferred through a sexual intercourse.

Date:   February 29th, 2016
At the AACC annual meeting and expo in 2015, the researchers will show some findings that a first of its kind Smartphone test for Chlamydia and may diagnose the disease with high accuracy ratio. It can help in lowering down the cases of STD by making Chlamydia easy to screen and in a cheaper manner. All of the people with Chlamydia are not fully conscious of its effects, probably because the infection normally has no signs at all, however, if it will be left untreated, it can progress into pelvic inflammation and there will be permanent damages to the reproductive system of a woman.
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