STD Labs Blog :: Page 60

Date:   March 30th, 2016

The instances of babies born with syphilis are currently growing in America. As the syphilis increase among women, the doctors possibly perceived more babies with serious infection upon delivery,

Date:   March 27th, 2016

The medicines taken for the prevention of HIV infection among high risk individuals show to work well for them in real life, according to a study, there was a year when they were taking the PrEP, there were only 2 from the 400 high risks who were infected with HIV.

Date:   March 24th, 2016

The number of instances of 3 key STD developed for the past year. This is the first time it happened since 2006, according to the very much concerned health officials in the U.S. in an interview held on Nov. 17 last year.

Date:   March 21st, 2016

A few numbers of Americans who might possibly have HIV are taking Truvada. It is a pill that may help and secure them against the virus that causes the AIDS, according to the health report.

Date:   March 18th, 2016

There was a new study that suggests the parents to set new rules at home. They should also set and implement new rules for their teens if they want to prevent them from being a mother or a father at a young age.

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