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Date:   April 20th, 2016

In December of 2015, the number of Americans that were detected with HIV yearly after the Rapid HIV Test went down by around 1/5 during the past 10 years; however, not all of the groups went down in occurrence. This is based on the research made by the federal government. Between the year 2005-2014, the entire yearly number of HIV detected went down by 19%, this data came from the 48,800 to just more than 39, 700 yearly. The HIV Falling Rates was directed by a 63% fall among the users of injectable drugs, while a 42% of the fall among black women, moreover, the fall among heterosexuals were around 35%.

Date:   April 17th, 2016

The public health officials express their growing worries about the antibiotic resistance of gonorrhea. Just a month ago, the health officials in Great Britain warned the country’s doctors along with pharmacies about the risks stood by the drug resistant strains of the STI. This concern is now being rebounded by the Dr. Kirkcaldy; he works as an epidemiologist in the STD prevention. The resistance of gonorrhea along with the prospect of the uncured gonorrhea can be considered as a real threat, he added. This s with the strains of being resistant and can now is determined in various parts of the globe.

Date:   April 14th, 2016

In June of 2014, around 400,000 Americans might have the STD chlamydia, but they do not know that they have it; this is according to a new research. There were government reports and they have estimated nearly 1.8M people in the US have chlamydia,however, only 1.4M of infected people has been recorded.

Date:   April 8th, 2016

In February of 2014, there was news about kids and how the influential bodies must provide them with STD awareness long before they learn how to engage in sex. Having a comfortable and serene environment at home, having good friends and nice environment in school can help a child reduce the risk of getting STDs according to a study?

Date:   April 2nd, 2016

In May of 2014 in an interview, it was said that those who are at high risk of having HIV must be the target of the antiHIV pill. The virus that causes AIDS, must take the antiHIV pill that may be of help in lowering the spreading risk, the USCDCP was the one who made the announcement.

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