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Date:   June 14th, 2016

The spreading of the STDs


It has been said that the growing transmission of STD in the case of the pair off is powerful in molding the immune system of the mammals. There is a current journal showing that this idea doesn’t fit the rodents and that living instances, and the environment can be the key factors in knowing the variations in the immune investment among mammals.  The immunity secures the organisms over the diseases. This means that finding out the factors which will mold the system is in the best interest among humans and animals according to medical science.

Date:   June 10th, 2016

Nevada is suffering from the highest rate of syphilis in the West part of the US after an outbreak occurred in Vegas. The Health officers say that it is a part of the national confound in instances linked to the increased testing, the rise in the unknown sex linked to social media and less responsible sexual activities. Social media has something to do with syphilis in the gay community and it has alerted the health officers to take some educational awareness and to reach out the people through their websites and applications. Some of the cases, making profiles or buying advertisements work. 

Date:   June 8th, 2016

The study about kids dealing with sex

In February of 2014, there was news about kids and how the influential bodies must provide them with awareness about STDs long before they learn how to engage in sex. Having a comfortable and serene environment at home, having good friends and nice environment in school can help a child reduce the risk of getting STDs according to a study?  The University of Washington in a research said that the studies show how the effects can help in preventing STDs and they must start years before the child commits in a sexual intercourse. Kids naturally do not involve in dangerous behaviors. There are just possibilities that must be made according to the author of the study. Parents must keep an eye on their kids and they must make sure that they will be hooked in school activities and school works, they must have friends who will lead them to the right path.

Date:   June 5th, 2016

Further HIV screen tests will be implemented for women In April of 2014, there was a report headed by the federal task force in relation to the advice by the doctors for women to go through regular screening against STDs. This is meant for American women who are sexually active and girls ages 24 and above. This aims to lower the risk rate of the people against chlamydia & gonorrhea, which typically do not have any signs. They are composed of a group of experts who also seem to recommend the screening for older women who are at risk of contracting the disease, thus give intensive counseling to people of any age group who are at most risk of having STDs.

Date:   June 2nd, 2016

Truvada for safe sex practices In May of 2014 in an interview, it was said that those who are at high risk of having HIV must be the target of the antiHIV pill. The virus that causes AIDS, must take the anti-HIV pill that may be of help in lowering the spreading risk, the USCDCP was the one who made the announcement. If it will be used persistently, this method, known as pre-exposure prophylaxis or PrEP, was said to show a dramatic reduction in the rates of HIV infection in a previous studies by as much as 90%, they added. The HIV infection can be prevented, even if it cannot be cured.

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