The Best Condoms in the Market Offer Both Protection and Additional Features

A condom acts as the barrier between individuals indulge in sexual intercourse. Most are latex-made but you can find other nature-inspired forms or synthetic types. Condoms serve as a form of contraception while also preventing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

But today’s best condoms in the market offer additional features that go beyond sexual protection and contraception. Condom manufacturing firms are experimenting with discreet packaging, ultra-thin material, and new tech to create the finest condom brands.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Infections Are a Major Concern for Sexually Active People

Sexually transmitted diseases can affect a person's health in many ways. Apart from damaging your reproductive system and bareness, some can cause life-threatening ailments. HIV is a case in point, causing millions of deaths when it develops into AIDS.

Prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies should be a priority for every sexually active person. Because while there are many to curb pregnancies, a condom (and abstinence) is probably the only barrier to STDs.

But using condoms correctly all the time can prevent the chances of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Still, you need to undergo regular STD testing if you are sexually active.

Contraceptive Users Have Different and Specific Needs

Today condom users want a product that offers sexual protection while still meeting their personal pleasure needs.

Customers want to experiment—no one is settling for one standard condom. Customers need a range of products and pushing the finest condom brands to pull out their A-game.

At the moment, firms are on a cut-throat competition to create high-quality premium condoms for the ever-changing market.

Well, it seems condoms are not an exception in an era where product design, diversity and quality matter to customers.

But many options also means you’ll be spoilt for choices when you need a condom for you next session. Anyway, here’s a list to inspire your condom-game.

Experience New Sex with the 10 Best Condoms in The Market

Condom users care about material, design, pleasure-levels and that so-called X-factor. To a user, all those affect the quality and user-friendliness of a condom.

And while some products provide a natural feel others aim at increasing pleasure between partners.

From cunnilingus to blowjobs an anal condoms, here are the top ten condoms you should consider using during sexual intercourse, depending on your needs, and the situation:

  • Vaginal-Penile Condoms.

Vaginal sex requires reliable and safe condoms. You also need an enjoyable experience.  Durex Pleasure Me are the best condoms in the market for Vagina-penile sex.

Durex Pleasure ME contains the rib and dot structures that provide additional stimulation and pleasure. It also has a protruding end that makes it easy to slip in and out.

  • Anal Condoms.

Anal intercourse requires plenty of lubrication to avoid bruising and tearing the tissues of the anus. If you engage anal sex, it is best practice to use a condom with plenty of lube.

Skyn’s Condoms are an excellent choice for anal sex freaks. Such condoms have a lubrication liquid that is odor-free, so it does not irritate the anal regions.

  • Oral Condoms.

In truth, most people do not consider condom when having oral intercourse. However, the chances of contracting STDs remain high when blowjobing an infected individual. Using dental dams or oral condoms can help reduce the possibility of transmission.

A significant worry surrounding the use of condoms during oral sex is the taste. To overcome this, consider using flavored condoms.

Skyn’s Flavored Condoms are available in several cocktail-like flavors to make the oral sex sweet and pleasurable.

  • Textured Condoms.

Textured condoms contain several protrusion patterns on the condom’s surface.

Trojan’s Ultra Ribbed varieties are some of the best condoms in the market with protrusion patterns. Textured condoms offer friction making penetrative sex more pleasurable to the recipient.

  • Warming Condoms.

Warming condoms are unique in that they come with an unusual warming lubricant. The lube generates a warm sensation during intercourse. The resulting heat adds more pleasure to the recipient.

Turn up the heat with Pasante Warming condoms if she likes it warm. These high-quality premium condoms add a warming sensation to sex improving the entire experience. 

  • Tingling Condoms.

Tingling condoms also contain a special lube that generates a tingling sensation during penetrative sex.

Trojan Fire and Ice Condoms are an examples of tingling condoms offer this kind of sensation to both partners.

  • Prolonging Condoms.

During heterosexual vaginal sex, some men tend to climax faster than their female counterparts. Prolonging condoms come with a desensitizing liquid that helps men hold an erection for longer without climaxing.

Durex Performax condoms come with a prolonging lubricant. On top of that, they come with dot-like protrusions for extra pleasure.

  • Ultra-Thin Condoms.

Ultra-thin condoms provide an almost natural feeling during sex. Such condoms ensure there is high sensitivity between partners making sex with a condom fun and pleasurable.

Durex Ultra-thin latex sheaths are some of the finest condom brands if you want an almost natural feel.

  • Condoms for Sex Toys.

Sex toys are a great way to spice up your sex life. However, sharing sex toys with multiple sex partners can put you at the risk of contracting STDs. It is therefore important to use condoms on your sex toys, especially if you plan to share it with your partner(s).

Durex Pleasure Packs are the best condoms in the market for a sex toy session. They contain a range of condoms that you can use as you decide on the different toys you stock. And you bet, these condoms can make the use of sex toys more enjoyable and safe.

  • Latex-Free Condoms.

Skyn condoms come in a wide range of latex-free products that are safe for use if you or your partner has a latex allergy.

Skyn's wide range of products allows you to experiment until you find the right pick.

Winding Up:

Condoms are a cheap yet functional way to protect yourself from unplanned pregnancies and diseases. And with the wide variety of products to choose from, you can’t say you didn’t find the right pick.

And as you use condoms, always remember, best practices apply, otherwise you won’t be as protected. Finally, condoms aren’t 100 percent effective, always go for regular STD testing if you are sexually active.