What is an STD Oral Condom or Tongue Condom?

A tongue or STD oral condom is used as a protective barrier for oral sex. It protects people engaging in oral sex from sexually transmitted infections (STIs) like syphilis, human papillomavirus (HPV), and HIV.

The CDC revealed that nearly 85% of people who are sexually active from age 18 to 44 agreed to have had oral sex with one partner of the opposite gender.

Tongue condoms feature the same design as regular condoms except they have a wider open end to fit the lips.

In essence, it allows a man to administer cunnilingus without getting into contact with a female’s vagina and vice versa. An oral condom can also be worn over the man’s penis to prevent the female from direct contact during fellatio.

Condoms that are safe for dental dams and oral use can safeguard their users against STDs when engaging in cunnilingus or any other form of oral sex.

Tongue Condoms: What are Your Options and How to Make a Choice

What options do you have when looking for a tongue condom? Well, because they haven’t been around for so long, you have only a short list of recommended condoms for risk-free, oral sex. They include;

•    Latex condoms or polyurethane condoms

•    Plastic wraps

•    Dental dams, which are much like latex squares

The guide will help you pick the appropriate oral condom:

Double-check the expiration date

Though lubricants and condoms have a very long shelf life, it makes more sense to confirm the expiry date before you use these products.

The quality of expired condoms may have been compromised over time— they are not safe.

Consider non-lubricated types

If you must use old types of tongue condoms, consider using non-lubricated forms. Not everyone enjoys the taste of these lubricants; you can’t be sure you will.

It is also advisable to stay away from condoms that include nonoxynol-9. This dangerous spermicide can lead to numbness or irritation of the tongue.

Use Polyurethane Tongue Condoms in case either of you is Allergic to Latex

Polyurethane types are the best for people with latex allergy— but you also want to avoid those that contain spermicide. It is okay to use an oil-based lube with your polyurethane condoms.

Go for flavored forms

The market stocks an array of flavored condoms for oral sex freaks to choose from. Just ensure you double-check the label first because some flavored condoms are new to the market and have not been tested.

The packaging should prominently display whether the product protects users against STDs or not.

Try adding Flavored Lubricants

Oral sex lovers who must use old condoms rather than pre-flavored types can always experiment by applying flavored lubricant to the traditional tongue condom.

Check the label if you’re going to use the lubricant for penetrative sex, whether anal or vaginal, to ensure it is safe.

N/B: You must not use oil-based lubricants with a latex condom. It is not safe— they compromise the quality of latex. Oil-based foods also don’t go well will latex STD oral condoms.

Tongue Condom: How to Use It

We already know that condoms are an effective way to avoid contracting STIs and HIV. But how well they protect you depends on how well you use them. For tongue condoms, dental dam, or a typical condom for cunnilingus, fellatio or any other form of oral sex, ensure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
Here’s how to use dental dams and condoms for oral sex.
Using an oral condom for fellatio, blow job or mouth-to-penis sex

1.    Remove the condom out of its covering, and unroll it ensuring the right side is out.

2.    Pinch or press its tip and wear it on the head of the erect penis.

3.    Leave space at the tip where the semen should collect.

4.    Unfold or unroll it down to cover the entire erect penis.

Using a dental dam for cunnilingus or mouth-to-vagina sex

1.    Unpack the dental dam.

2.    Examine it for damage or tear.

3.    Without stretching it, place the dental dam on top of the vagina

Using a regular condom as a dental dam:

1.    Unpack the condom and unroll it.

2.    Use sharp scissors to cut the condom tip

3.    Cut off the rim of the condom.

4.    Cut one side to get a flat piece.

5.    Lay the flat piece over the vagina or anus.

Using Lubricant with Latex STD Oral Condoms

You may want to use some lube— to increase sensitivity— with your condom or dental dam when engaging in oral sex. Here’s how to use your lubricant well:

•    For cunnilingus, add two drops of lube to the vagina before placing your dental dam over the vagina.

•    For fellatio, add two drops or of lubricant to the penis tip before wearing the condom. Don’t forget; for latex condoms use only silicone- or water-based.

In the case of flavored lube, apply on top of the dental dam or condom after you’ve accurately placed it. Though most types allow you to use them as you wish, make sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions

Both partners should help each other use flavored lube; one can hold the protection in place while the other applies the lubricant.

Final Words

Though researches concur that the chances of contracting some STDs are low through oral sex, you want to stay safe because it is still possible to get infected.
In essence, an STD oral condom or dental dam prevents the mixing of body fluids, which are the means through which STIs spread from one person to the next Which means you will have to go for STD testing.

Lastly, you want to ensure you are using the right product for the right purpose. An excellent way to avoid mistakes is to read labels and manufacturers’ instructions before you start using any product. Also, confirm the expiry date to ensure you are using an expired product. And you may also need to check if the product is torn or damaged in any way before use.