The Use of Sex Toys Is on the Rise

The world Adult Toy industry is currently estimated at $30 billion, and by 2026, the industry is expected to jump to over $50 billion.

In modern-day society, the use of sex toys is an everyday thing. Everyone from twosomes, solos, Millennials, to people of old age want to experiment with an intimacy product.

It is perfectly okay to use sex gadgets. So far, toys are considered safe to a user, but bad practices like sharing yours will put you at risk of contracting diseases. Failure to clean your personal pleasures toys is also risky business.

Otherwise, good hygiene and using your butt plug or dildo alone can eliminate the risk of diseases and sexually transmitted infections.

Safety Concerns within the Adult Toy industry and Among Users

The safety of adult products should be the manufacturer’s priority.

While other industries are well-regulated and have their products scrutinized for quality and public safety, no one cares about regulating adult toys.

It is therefore your responsibility to care for your health even as you seek to get the most out of your pleasure device.

Five Safety Tips for Adult Toy Users

Sex toys are sensitive tools that you must use accurately and maintain thoroughly. Here are five tips all fuck toy consumers should know.

  • Familiarize with the Material the Toy is made Of.

Normally, there is no structured literature for analysing the precautionary measures of using various sexual toys, but there are some materials you may choose to avoid.

Phthalates are one of these elements that make up some plastic. Such chemicals are not recommended for sex and baby toys because they are known to cause human hormonal dysfunction.

And while many producers insist their products are free of phthalate, we have no watchdog to ascertain that.

So what are some red flags your product is a fake? Check if it is jelly-like or soft— that’s because phthalates is often used as a softener. And these are common in intimacy devices with pores.

Adult toys with pores are more likely to transmitting diseases than those without. Their permeable nature is likely to carry infections from one person to the other if a duo or group shares the pleasure toy.

However, this does not mean any jelly-like or soft sexual toys are unsafe, it is a warning sign you should watch out for such devices.

  • Wash and Dry Your Sexual Toys Regularly.

The best routine is to clean after every use and when switching from one partnet to another, if you have to. This will keep the chances of infections at bay.

Sexual activities that involve the use intimacy devices increases the chances of the bacteria (from the anus) moving into the urinary tract of the woman, where they can multiply and trigger the urinary tract infections (UTI). To avoid such infections, users must UTI maintain high levels of genital hygiene?

Hygiene involves ensuring the cleanliness of anything that comes into contact with the genital area, in this case, sex toys.

The objects must be germ-free, which calls for a thorough wash along with the use of disinfectors, soap, and then exposure to air in a drying rack before they come into contact with the genitals.

Toys can transmit sexually transmitted diseases because of their ability to retain viruses and bacteria.

Despite the transmission of infections and diseases from one toy user to the other, there are chances of a toy user re-infecting him or herself every time they re-use their toys without doing a thorough cleaning.

This often happens to sex toy users who regularly experience recurrent yeast infections. Gynaecologist attribute this to the failure of cleaning intercourse toys thoroughly.

Therefore, as a user, consider washing your intimacy products using warm soapy water mixed with disinfectors. Lastly, dry out thoroughly in the air after every session.

  • Condoms Should Be Considered to Reduce Infection Risk.

When using sexual toys, there are absolutely zero chances of contracting pregnancy. As many people know, condoms prevent pregnancy, but also come in handy in preventing the spread of infections.

In this spirit, people should use condoms and sexual toys together to reduce infections.

According to a study, even if you thoroughly clean your toys, there are chances that infection transmission may still occur, especially in porous sexual toys.

This 2014 research stated that there were traces of HPV on vibrators 24 hours later after it was used and cleaned. To eradicate the possibility of infection, vibrator, dildo and butt plug users should make a habit of using condoms together with their toys.

  • Never Use Household Items as a Sexing Toy.

If you have to incorporate a pleasure toy, always use an actual sex toys and not household items such as cucumbers and bananas.

When one acquires a new sex toy, it is a good practice to read the directions and use it gently as one learns it. And though manufactures try to build the best tools, they still advise you to stop using a toy if you experience any form of discomfort.

Fruits such as bananas and cucumbers are not built for sex and anything could go wrong. Plus, they are highly porous and can increase the risk of contracting infections.

Other at-home items toy lovers turn to are vibrating phones and toothbrushes powered by electricity or batteries.

Electricity causes a high chance of electrocution, and batteries, on the other hand, can lead to a mild reaction in ones' genitals.

  • Buy sex toys from a trusted source.

As stated earlier, the sex toy industry is a wide and growing market. It is for this reason that one must vet the legitimacy of any product before a purchase.

It is best good practice to start by researching reputable manufacturers. If a seller provides adequate information such as the material used and how to use and clean, then you can start considering their product.

Care for your pleasure toy!

Sexual toys can help spice up your sex life. However safety and health matters are a sticking point among users. All adult toy users should protect themselves and others from infections and diseases by following best practices and caring for their pleasure toys.

The rule of thumb for sex toys is to listen to your body. If you feel some burning or itching, stop and consider professional advice.