Benefits of STD testing and early detection

Ever wondered why you need to go for an STD testing? Or better still, have you ever thought about why some people consistently and regularly go for STD testing?

Have you ever had time to reflect about the benefits of STD testing and early detection?

There are things that we have often rubbished off for lack of a better understanding. And it’s not our fault that we have limited understanding on certain issues. You need not to worry; even geniuses have limitations, right?

During my childhood, I never had an opportunity to seek medical attention. In fact, my first interaction with a medic was after I attained 20 years of age. I’m not sure if my parents ever took me for medical before I knew about my existence- I have never cared to confirm from my mum!

And so I grew up without knowing why going to a medical facility and seeking tests and medication were important.

Today, I have kept a good record of all my medical appointments and scheduled and I never miss any one of them.

I must admit, I have benefited from consistently undertaking free STD tests and treatments.

If you are wondering how I have benefited from STD testing and early detection, here is some information for you.

You might want to give it a read? Here we go!

Benefits of STD testing

STD testing helps you initiate treatment procedures

Knowing your STD status helps you to start treatment if the results turn out to be positive.

When testing for an STD, the results can either be positive or negative. Depending on the outcome, you might be put under medication or not.

Most of the STDs are curable while others are treatable. In fact, most of the STDs only require an administration of antibodies.

Other STDs like HIV/AIDS also require antiretroviral drugs that suppress the virus, making it inactive.

When these drugs are not administered in good time, they might weaken the body and cause death.

STD testing gives you confidence

People who know their STD status live confidently. Some people die because of suspicion and fear.

After sexual intercourse with a partner, you have equal chances of contracting an STD. Instead of living in denial, you have the responsibility to o for an STD testing.

People who live in denial do not have confidence. They do not face the future with certainty.

Many a times, STD testing centers have skilled personnel in cancelling. While these people would give you excellent pieces of advice about your sexual behavior, you have the responsibility to make a decision.

Testing for STD helps you to avoid living in denial. It drives you from the world of fantasy to a world of reality; you either have an STD infection or not.

Even with an STD infection, confidence helps you overcome all your challenges and seek appropriate medication.

STD testing helps you plan for your future

Your future depends on your planning. You have the responsibility to determine your destiny.

Do not let failures to go for testing determine your destiny.

The results from your STD testing influence your future sexual behaviors. Your future relies on the decision you make after your STD results.

Should your results turn to be positive, you’ll need to make a decision to seek treatments and avoid any actions or activities that might continue to cause more STDs.

For negative results, you might make a decision to limit the number of your sexual partners, abstain, or use protection during sexual intercourse.

These decisions help you to determine and reshape your future.

STD testing helps you limit the chances of becoming infertile.

Some STDs cause infertility in infected people. 

Most of the infertility occurs because of failure to administer treatment at the right time. People might not administer treatment or drugs because they are not aware that they are infected.

Timely and effective treatment of STDs limits the possibility of causing an adverse effect on fertility. When the STDs are left unattended to, they might cause serious damage to the genital organs and make an individual infertile.

Why would you become infertile for an infection that could be diagnosed through the administration of antibiotics?

Certainly not, you’ve got to rethink about getting STD testing urgently.

STD testing helps you avoid uncertainty. 

There is nothing as important as being sure about your health status.

Your health status is the most integral aspect of your life. Whenever you aren’t sure of your health status, you become vulnerable in many aspects of life.

Research has shown that people who are not sure of their STD status are always unsettled and experience a lot of anxiety. In fact, their minds continue to roam from one another, limiting their productivity.

People who know their status, however, are often easy and productive. They are rarely stressed about what will happen tomorrow.

In order to avoid this level of uncertainty, get tested for STD today. STD early detection helps you in avoiding the uncertainty of the future.

STD testing helps you seek the right and effective medication.

There is no doubt the most STDs are curable while other are treatable.

You can only make a decision to seek treatment once you are tested for STDs. Medical practitioners are only able to administer treatment after the confirmation of STD testing results.

When you do not undertake an STD testing, you risk missing out on effective medication.

Also, administering medication before STD testing is harmful to your life. You shouldn’t use signs and symptoms to administer treatment for yourself. You might be treating a disease that does not exist in your body.

STD testing helps you to be sure of your STD status and to seek the right medication at the right time.

STD Testing helps in limiting the chances of other infections.

The presence of an STD infection in the body might sometimes cause other infections.

HIV/AIDS is one of the infections that make the body vulnerable to other infections and diseases. The virus makes the body immunity system weak and enables uncontrolled entry of other diseases causing agents into the body.

STD testing helps you to avoid other infections by curing or treating the initial infection. When these STDs are not treated at the right time, you might contract other infections.

Think about an STD causing you another infection. Isn’t that double pain? You can avoid other infections through undertaking the tests.

Sounds good? It’s your responsibility to make it a reality.

Seek STD testing today!