Most of the Babies Born in the U.S have Syphilis

Babies with congenital syphilis

The instances of babies born with syphilis are currently growing in America. As the syphilis increase among women, the doctors possibly perceived more Syphilis among Newborn with serious infection upon delivery, according to the health officials during a report.  The congenital syphilis as what they call it, will be transmitted from the infected pregnant mom to the unborn child, the increase of around 38% between the year 2012 ad 2014 was alarming.

This is according to the USCDC. During the past year, there were 458 cases of Syphilis among Newborn. The congenital syphilis may be considered as very tragic, they must do something to secure the lives of the newborns for the risks of the infection according to a researcher in Virginia.  The instances can be prevented, so with 450 instances that is a lot, she insisted.

Why the rate is continuously growing?

This growth shows that there is a fast turnaround from just a few years back. The rates of STIs have fallen between the year 2008 & 2013 due to accurate syphilis test, the reports of those who were infected with syphilis lessened from the 10 instances per 100,000 live births to only 8% per 100,000 births.  The declines gave the authorities the confidence that they have done a good job, he added. However, syphilis in women has grown from 22% in 2012 and in 2014, it is likely to grow and lead to infections among newborns. They thought that the rise in the rates of the congenital syphilis is just a mirror of the trends that they are viewing at the moment among women. They said that the rate of syphilis that is actually growing among men and women, including bisexuals and gay has not enough and clear reasons at all at the moment. And therefore, there is a need for accurate syphilis test to tame the spread.

A baby born with syphilis can suffer from a lot of health related problems like brain damage or worse death. In the past, congenital syphilis brought about twenty five miscarriages as well as 8 dead in just 1 month of delivering the babies. Women must have had a prenatal check that will include checking for syphilis during the first trimester of the pregnancy. However, 458 of those who were infected with syphilis was born in the year 2014, the researcher added, 22% of the moms never had any prenatal care at all.

Amidst the women who had at least 1 visit to the doctor, but 43% of them were not actually given proper treatment for syphilis even if ½ of them were detected with the disease. There was a decline of the syphilis rate in the past and that have made the doctors confident that they can make America an STI free country in the future. The screening doesn’t have to stop, they have to keep in mind that a couple who is not monogamous must go to the screening all the time. It is important to make sure that the STD will not be transmitted to the other people and to the unborn child.