The pap smears test

There was a primary change in the test rules for Pap smears and that was introduced in 2009, but that showed unintentional significance like some of the women are not going through the STD Testing or screening for chlamydia, which is a kind of sexually transmitted disease that may lead to infertility if not diagnosed right away.  This data is according to a current research that was able to find out how chlamydia screening can help those who are 5 years old to 21 years of age and how it failed after the national guidelines were altered to detect the routine Pap test for cervical cancer before they reach the age of 21, since there is a proof that showed how it never provided benefits for young women.

The guidelines are not linked to chlamydia whatsoever. This is the bacterial type of STD that affects around 3M Americans yearly, and this is according to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. However, the researchers thought that as some young ladies get Pap tests, screening for chlamydia also drop on the other hand. Nevertheless, the CDC as well as the other groups suggests that all of the sexually engaged women below 25 years of age must go through a yearly chlamydia screening check. But there is a new research according to the researchers in Michigan. They saw a quick drop in the case of chlamydia screening in 5 different outpatient clinics linked to the University.

The experts even emphasized that the pattern will not truly show what was going on across the states. The truth is that there is a proof that the national rate of the selection for chlamydia has grown tremendously in the current years, according to Dr. Burstein. She is also the chairwoman of the committee in charge for the STIs or the teens. This is just a center and that cannot be as shiny as deliberating on what was going on throughout the states, according to Burstein, who wasn’t involved in the study. On the other hand, she even said that it would be likely close to the trends that have occurred in other medical centers.

According to the research done

She also added that young ladies must be cautious with the chlamydia screening guidelines and if they were checked with it, they must discuss it with their doctor.Screening is very important, she added, for chlamydia does not have any signs at all. It can be treated easily using antibiotics, but if it is left untreated, the infection will bring problem furthermore and it will lead to a disease of the pelvic and some women may even be infertile.  Why did chlamydia screening become lower in some of the clinics, according to a research? It may be the providers that were in the practice of connecting chlamydia screening with Pap tests bestowing to Dr. Ursu. Roughly, 1,600 young ladies were seen at the clinics starting 2008- 2009, while more than five hundred people were given the tests for chlamydia.