How the Low Testosterone Level of Men with HIV affect their Lives?

What the study has to say

There was a new research about men and their low testosterone levels being linked with weakness as well as other health related issues in men with HIV.  The researchers took some blood samples from more than 1,000 men and they measured the serum amount of the testosterone, luteinizing hormone, HIV parameters and estradiol. Thus it resulted from 212 of these subjects around 15% with an indicated low levels of the entire testosterone as well as 183 of them or 13% also had secondary hypogonadism.

The team who took the research came back and rechecked the medical records to do a comparison with the concerned blood tests for frailty index as well as comorbidity data for every patient. They have discovered that there is a negative link between the testosterone count and the frailty index scores among the patients.  What’s more about it is that the percentage rate of men with the total testosterone levels hit below the 300ng/dl rise accordingly with the total comorbidities. Just .5% of the men without the comorbidities had a low testosterone level when compared to the 2% of men with 1 comorbidity only. 8% of them has 2 comorbidities, while 22% of them has 3, 25% of men comes with 4 and more than 40% of men has 5 comorbidities.According to the research therefore, there is a link between HIV and Low Testosterone Levels.

The link between HIV and low testosterone levels

A lot of past data from the researchers conducted have noted that men with HIV are healthier than men with low levels of testosterone and it is often linked with LH. This is after HIV testing was done. However, the authors of the new research, who showed the findings during the yearly meeting said that they are the very first to ever show the negative link between the testosterone and frailty among men who are infected.  Their job complements the previous research that was linked with low testosterone levels with poor health among HIV patients. 

There was a paper from the International Journal of the STD and AIDS for instance studied more than 500 men with HIV and they have discovered that those with low testosterone levels were linked with CD4 plus cell counts below 200 cells and unprincipled infections like the HIV wasting syndrome, dementia, and so do with esophageal candidiasis. Unluckily, the nature of the link is still unclear to this day.  The virus can harm the gonadal function and it will end up losing the production of testosterone. It can make the patients frailer and even sickening. In various instances, testosterone supplement may help in keeping you healthier and harder too. 

There are some other probabilities for the linkage of the 2, on the other hand, there is recommended supplements that may become counterproductive. Poor nutrition among men with HIV may be linked with the pathogenesis of the hypogonadism according to the authors of the newest research. The mechanism may mirror a response to the ailment among unhealthy patients who also lacks nourishment. They may also be close to what is happening with other clinical conditions line anorexia nervosa.