what are the STI Preventive Methods

You acquire STIs primarily through sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse, however, is not the only means through which you are likely to acquire the STI infections.

Listening to people discuss issues of STIs, I’m sometimes taken aback.

Even today, there are a good number of myths and misconceptions about various Sexually Transmitted Infections. And as if that is not enough, studies have shown that many people still lack essential knowledge of STIs, their causes, and the best preventive measures.

In your daily encounters, you are likely to meet people who are misinformed about common Sexually Transmitted Infections that have infected many people and affected almost everyone.

Ordinarily, people assume that STIs only cause severe damage on the body. In extreme cases- and I think the world today has turned out to be an extreme case- STIs can lead to death.

While there are treatments and cure for STIs, it is almost common knowledge that prevention is better than cure. And before we think of preventing STI infections, it would be good to know the factors that increase the chances of STI infections.

Factors that increase the rates of STI infections

As I have mentioned, STIs are primarily caused through sexual intercourse. Other factors that might increase the chances of STI infections include:

1. Having more than one sexual partner

Having more than one sexual partner increases your chances of getting STI infections. The more the number of sexual partners, the higher the risk of getting infected.

2. Having sex with a partner who has had more than one sexual partner

Having sex with a partner who has more than one sexual partner also increases the chances of getting infected with STI. It is more likely than not that they intend to spread STIs.

3. Having sex with a person with an STI

Having unprotected sex with an infected person also increases your chances of getting infected. It is almost certain that you’d be infected in the process of having sex.

4.Having a history of an STI infection

People who have been infected with an STI before are more likely to be re-infected. There are some bacteria that might disappear for sometimes only to resurface later.

5. Use of intravenous drugs

The use of intravenous drugs also increases your chances of getting sexually transmitted infections. You are more likely than not to get involved in irresponsible sex that increases the chances of infection.

From the above reasons, it is clear that the decision to prevent STI infections relies on you. You have the responsibility to ensure that you are free from the infection.

There are various preventive methods for STI infections. Some of the preventive methods are;

STI Preventive Methods

Know your sexual partner- You have the responsibility and duty to know your sexual partner. It is your right to inquire about essential information from your partner, especially that information that touches on his or her sexuality.

Going to bed with a stranger or a person whom you do not have much information about increases your chances of getting infected.

Limit the number of sexual partners- It is important that you have only one sexual partner. Having many sexual partners increases your chances of getting an STI infection, especially when the partners also have other sexual partners.

Use of a condom during sexual intercourse- Latex condom helps to prevent sexually transmitted infections.

Unprotected sex leads to the exchange of body fluid that might contain bacteria or virus. Condoms help to stop the exchange of fluid or contact between sexual organs, limiting the chances of STI infections.

Also, condoms help in controlling the entry of dirt from one sexual partner to another.

Avoid risky sexual practices- There are sexual practices that are considered risky. One of the risky sexual practices is oral sex.

Infections resulting from oral sex are hard to prevent. You can never use a condom or any other preventive measure apart from its avoidance.

Get immunized- Immunization also helps in limiting the chances of STI infections. There are STIs that can be prevented through earlier immunization.

It’s your responsibility to take your child or sibling for immunization against any STI.

Abstain from sex- Abstinence is the surest way to avoid STI infections. It means totally staying away from sex or sexual intercourse.

When people abstain from sex, they limit their vulnerability to infections since there would be no exchange of fluids or any other virginal fluids.

While people say it’s hard to abstain from sex, I believe it’s possible. You can give it a try. With the right mentality, you’ll be successful.

Having an honest discussion with your partner or potential partner- Have you ever had an honest sexual discussion with your partner? Or have you ever lied to your potential partner about your sexuality in a bid to lure him or her to accept your proposal?

Studies have shown that a good number of couples and sexual partners do not have honest sexual discussions with their partners. Often, the discussions include lies and are not in-depth.

Having an honest sexual discussion with your partner or a potential partner increases your chances of staying away from STI infections.

It is good for couples to continuously and consistently discuss their sexual experiences to enable them to make the right sexual decisions.

Where the discussions are not exhaustive, there are chances of unfaithfulness in the relationship. Talk about your sexual experience with your partner today!

Getting tested with your partner before having sex- It is important for you and your partner to know your STI statuses.

As partners, you have the right to access to sexual information and health status of each other. You shouldn’t fear to ask your partner out for an STD test.

Remaining faithful to your partner in a relationship- Faithfulness is important in preventing STI infections.

Faithful couples or sexual partners remain committed to one another, openly discuss their sexual experiences, and actively engages each other in sexual debates.

Also, faithful partners are bound to having sex with one partner- until death does them apart.

Avoid sex under the influence of drugs- Having sex under the influence of drugs increases your chances of STI infections.

Many people are unable to exercise self-control after taking drugs. Lack of self-control might lead to having sex with an infected person.

Again, people who use drugs are at the risk of sexual harassment from other admirers. Avoiding sex under the influence of drugs helps in limiting the chances of STI infections.