What are the pimples on penis, and should you get worried

It's common for men to notice pimples on their penis and immediately associate it with Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Of course, it might not be wrong in all situations since there are non-infectious and infectious causes of pimples on penis. But who would love to have spots on their penis anyway?

Most men are so attached to their penises, and there is no doubt spots, lumps, bumps, or pimples on the penis will cause embarrassment, and to some, it may cause sexual function issues.

In this article, we take you a comprehensive discussion on pimples' causes, signs, and symptoms. Additionally, to enlighten you on whether to be worried when a spot is noticeable on your penis, and ways of handling or treating such situations.

What is a pimple?

A pimple is defined as a small bump, papule, or pustule that develops due to clogged pores due to dead skin cells and excess sebum from the sebaceous glands.

In simple terms;

A pimple is a red bump with white pus on its tips. When the oil glands are clogged or infected, the blockage triggers an immune response forcing the affected area to swell or become inflamed. Space creates room for pus.

Pimples appear when pores are clogged with dead skin or sebum from the sebaceous glands. They are also known as zits and more often occur at the puberty stage of growth.

How to identify pimples

Pimples are small, round bumps on the skin surface. They are usually red or flesh-colored. Sometimes have whiteheads, blackheads, or have the same color as their base. That depends on the type of debris that caused the buildup of the pimple.

What are some of the causes of pimple-like bumps on the penis?

There are infectious and non-infectious causes of pimples on penis.


These are causes that are not transmitted from one person to another, meaning they are pimples that naturally occur. However, this should not mean that you ignore all the spots. Non-infectious causes include;

Inflamed hair follicles- in some cases, there would be multiple tiny bumps that resemble pimples beneath the scrotum's skin or at the shaft's base. These bumps might be caused as a result of inflammation of hair follicles, which produces pubic hairs.

They may sometimes be itchy or painful, irritating, and problematic. The condition could also be caused by harsh chemicals, allergen, or abrasion.

Razor burn- have you ever shaved your pubic hair? You may sometimes realize there are some burns, red, bumpy rash that comes with ingrown hairs. They resemble pus-filled pimples. Sometimes the effect of shaving results in such pimples on penis.

Blocked lymph fluids -When lymph is clogged, fluid is caused to build up as a lump under the skin and along the shaft of the penis. Then causes pimple-like structures called Lymphocele lumps. Such pimples generally occur after masturbation or sexual activity.

Better still, there are some non-infectious pimples on penis. Namely:

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Pearly penile papules are hard, dome-shaped, or jagged, fleshy white bumps located on the head of the penis. They are natural parts of the penis and are majorly common in uncircumcised men. They are composed of harmless glands that produce lubricating oils. These pimples on the penis are neither infectious, nor do they require treatment.

Angiokeratomas – these are red bumps that appear in a cluster when red blood vessels close to the penis are dilated. They are usually tough when touched and sometimes get thicker over time.

Lichen planus is a rare skin condition characterized by purplish, flat-topped rash resulting from the immune system attacking the skin cells. Sometimes, they result in itching, fluid-filled blisters.

Mostly, the bumps appear in line with fine white streaks and smooth surfaces.

Infectious causes of pimples on penis.

Infectious causes are as a result of organisms- bacteria, viruses, parasites, or fungi. Also, they are transmitted causes that can be passed from one person to another. More often, they are sexually transmitted.

In cases of unprotected sex with an infected person, some sexually transmitted infections could cause bumps or pimple-like spots to appear on the penis or around the skin. For instance, Molluscum contagiosum is a viral skin infection that results in shiny bumps filled with wax-like structures. 

Are there factors that can increase the likelihood of pimples occurrence?

Yes, there are. Conditions such as unwashed/oily skin, genetics, hormones imbalance, choice of diet, among others, may result in the presence of pimples on an individual.

Now the questions will be, how?


Certain foods with high glycemic contents like white rice, French fries, and many others will raise your blood sugar when consumed. When the blood sugar rises, it causes the body to release insulin (a body hormone that regulates the sugar level).

Excess insulin in your body will result in higher oil production from the oil glands, increasing risk chances of acne.

Additionally, a crashed diet of too many fats/processed or fried foods would trigger acne hence causing pimples.

Hormonal imbalance

Fluctuation in hormones like the rise of androgen levels would trigger high sebum production resulting in inflammation and blockage of the hair follicles by bacteria called Propionibacterium acnes. Later the result would be sudden popping of pimples.


When the body is not cleaned, dirt and oil will be accumulated on the screen, leading to the pores' blockages. This will trigger acne. Therefore, everyone needs to clean their bodies every day, especially on the genitals.

 Also, to avoid using alcoholic products that can lead to dehydration of the skin. When the skin is dry, the sebum gland is stimulated and make more sebum. The more the sebum, the more the accumulation of oil leads to blockages of pores.

Should one get worried about pimples on penis?

After discussing the causes of pimples, it would be great to mention that most of us would be able to specify or identify the cause of their worries.

Non-infectious causes should not alarm you. However, if you might have had unprotected sex, bumps or pimples on the penis should concern. They may be signs and symptoms of sexually transmitted disease.

Painful bumps or blisters may be herpes. Genital warts may also show bumps on the penis.

If you always have protected sex or have never had unprotected sex, then little bumps on the shaft of the penis shouldn't worry you. They may be a typical result of ingrown hairs or a skin cyst, and they won't do you any harm.

Conditions such as penile papules, Lichen planus, and Lymphocele lumps are common and naturally occurs. They also should not raise the alarm unless when infectious states.

Treatment of pimples on penis

The most effective way of treating pimples is to leave them alone, especially when they are non-infectious. Spots will resolve on their own when the affected areas are kept clean and dry, especially when they are non-contagious. However, for the cases of contagious pimples, a person should visit any sexual health clinic and check to identify its cause or effect.

Is popping the best way of getting rid of pimples?

It’s always incredibly tempting to pop pimples for faster healing and resolve the discomfort in seconds. However, it’s advisable not to pop the pimples; instead, they should be left to heal by themselves, especially those that are non-infectious. Infectious ones should be taken to for checkups but not popping them.

Why you should not pop pimples

Popping a pimple interferes with the skin’s natural healing process, causing pimple healing to take longer than expected. You could also be at risk of acne scarring and the spread of bacterial infection and pus from the infected pores to the surrounding pores.

Additionally, chances are higher that you could push the bacteria much further under your skin. This could result in inflammation or a worse case of an outbreak. Most doctors would advise you to pop pimples only as your last result, but rather avoid popping whenever possible.

Remedies for clearing pimples

In clearing up breakouts and clarifying pores, you can daily use the over-the-counter remedies that contain benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. They are acne-fighting ingredients that both help clear, mild acne and prevent future breakouts.

Use a cold compress or ice to relieve pain and the swelling from nodules, pustules, and cyst. Besides, you may also use natural clarifiers like alcohol and tea tree oil, which works as astringents in drying out or removing clogged sebum hence free pores.


It’s often to notice a cluster of small, round pimples or bumps on skin surfaces. However, it’s diminishing for men to see spots on their penises. Having pimples pimple on the penis may concern most men, especially when they are infectious.

In treatment and getting rid of pimple on penis, some men would want to pop them. However, popping will never be a good idea. It may result in scars and delayed healing mechanisms of the skin. Therefore, you should maintain proper hygiene and make the right choice of diet. Besides, always have safe sex to avoid the likelihood of pimples occurring on your skin surfaces and penis. But in the case of contagious spots, you should visit a sexual health clinic for a checkup.