Tips for staying safe from STI infections

After I watched a Television series on how gonorrhea affects the human body, I swore never to engage in sex for the rest of my life. It was devastating!

I had not known the extent to which some of these Sexually Transmitted Diseases can make the body deteriorate. I made up my mind; I would never have sex again.

But how was this even possible?

We are sometimes faced with decisions that are hard to make. Some of these decisions touch on the foundation of our existence- Sex.

Sex is a topic that is hard to talk about. Sexually Transmitted Diseases- founded deep inside the sexuality of a person- has even proven to be a hard nut to crack in our daily discussions.

It is not easy talking about STI infections exhaustively. I think this is simply caused by fear and lack of confidence. A free conversation about safe sexual intercourse or safe sex would save us all the stress that comes with STI infections.

And because we can avoid STI infections, here are some tips to staying safe from STI infections that I find so essential

Staying Safe from STI infections

 Use Condom 

The use of a condom during sexual intercourse reduces the chances of STI infections. Condoms prevent the transfer of virus from one sexual partner to the other.

But you need to observe a few issues while using condoms.

  • Check the expiry date of the Condom- The use of expired condoms exposes you to the risk of acquiring the STI infections. They are likely to burst during the intercourse.
  • Ensure the condom is not punctured- Punctured condoms are ineffective as they allow the exchange of fluids, germs, or viruses during sexual intercourse
  • Put the Condom in the right way- There are people who do not know how to put on the condom. Put on the condom on an erect penis, ensuring that there is a space at the tip of the penis, and slowly rolling it down. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?
  • Do not reuse a Condom- Condoms are only used once. Ensure you dispose of the condom immediately after use.
  • Dispose of the condom correctly- Disposal of the condoms should be done in the right way. Proper disposal of condom ensures that no further contacts are made with the condom.
  • Never take the condom off and on during the sexual intercourse- During the sexual intercourse, do not disturb the condom. Should it disturb you- it sometimes does so-ensure a safe withdrawal and disposal. Use another condom.
  • Withdraw the Condom safely- After sexual intercourse, ensure a safe withdrawal of the condom. Where possible, ensure you use gloves and that no sexual fluid spill on you.

 Abstain from sex

STI infections are caused by sexual intercourse. The surest way to avoid STI infection is through total avoidance of sex, especially for the unmarried.

The moment you get involved in sexual intercourse, there are equal chances of infections.

And it costs nothing to abstain from sex before marriage. If anything, it’s Godly.

 Vaccination for Hepatitis B

Hepatitis is a sexual infection that has a vaccine. It is important that you seek vaccination at the right time to avoid its infections.

When you are not sure, seek the guidance of a physician of a medical practitioner.

Avoid taking drugs like alcohol

People under the influence of drugs are often unable to control themselves. They are also vulnerable to sexual harassment from other people. When you fall a victim of sexual harassment or engage in sex under the influence of drugs, you have as equal chances of STI infections as any other person.

 Limit the number of sexual partners

 Everyone should have only one sexual partner. Remaining faithful to your partner reduces the chances of acquiring STI infections.

The more the number of sexual partners you have, the more chances of getting an STI infection.


Having more than one sexual partner also makes you vulnerable. You risk both your life and the lives of your sexual partners.

 Get tested with your partner before having sex

You should seek testing every time you want to have sex.

You and your partner have the rights to know your health status together. Knowing your health status and the status of your partner helps you to make appropriate decisions.

You don’t want to miss this opportunity!

Be honest with your partner about your sexual history

You and your partner should not keep your sexual history as a secret. Disclosing your sexual history is essential in making a crucial decision on involvement in sexual intercourse.

Disclosing your sexual history does not amount to intimidation. You’ve got to know it is important for your well-being.

 Decide beforehand

Before attending any parties or celebration, decide on whether you want to have sex with anyone. Making a prior decision helps in keeping self-control.

Lack of earlier decision might lead to unplanned sexual intercourse, increasing the chances of acquiring STI infections. It also makes you have sex with unplanned partners.

Sticking to your prior decision is essential in remaining true to yourself.

 Appreciate that you have the right to say No

Saying No to sexual proposals and advancements is your right.

As disappointing as the proposers might find the statement, it is essential to remaining in good health and making the right decisions.

Whenever your conscious tells you to say No, do not hesitate. Say No and remain firm in that decision.

Consent to sex is a decision that one compels you to make.

Don’t rely on other for protection

Be your own security. Do not trust anyone with your security, especially at night or in lonely places.

It is advisable that you be in the right place and at the right time. Avoid staying with unfamiliar members of the opposite sex at odd hours.

Also, ensure that you remain tough. Do not be defenseless or vulnerable to any forms of forced sex. Whenever you realize the presence of any form of danger, take prior precautions. You could inform your friends, family or authority for your rescue.

Don’t rely on impressions

Impressions lie. Physical appearances also lie. As much as you can, do not rely on impressions in making decisions regarding sexual intercourse.

You cannot tell the health status of a person through the impressions that they give you.

Learn to question before you trust!

You have the right to seek all the information from a person before consenting to sexual intercourse. You must be sure of everything before you have sexual intercourse with anyone.

Most importantly, you must insist on STI test and the use of protection during sex.

Safe sex ensure that you do not contract any STI infections