The importance of early treatment

People are suggested to go through the test for STD to get an early treatment. Do you know that there is a new technology being used now by others in the comfort of their homes? Yes, STDs tests can now be done online through online service aids on your personal computer, laptop and even through your handheld devices to easily get the results. The experts are hoping that this may bring easy access to make them more likely to be honest and then share the STD status with their partners. The new service, however is called Healthvana, it enables the patients to easily access the lab results as soon as they are completed at the clinic or in a medical center, typically that takes days.  The patients will get an email instructing them to log into the secure online portal. The results are viewable through the app, so you can easily access it anywhere you are.

All of the records on these online service aids can easily access, verify and even share the results. The records are also time stamped. At the end of the year, this service has reached over a hundred thousand users since 2010. According to Bastani, 38 years of age said he has seen the service to help those with issues and make them converse easily and share their insights, experiences and thoughts about sexual health. This can make them less awkward about and they will never feel ashamed as well.  It is just that the biggest issue that they are dealing with at the moment is the results of the patients.

How the tests brought hope in every home

They are helping them get the lab results and that is one hard thing to do. This is because of the fact that getting the results back is not that simple, according to Bastani in an interview with Reuters. They thanked the people for getting tested and he added that if you will not hear from them in 10 days time, that means that the result is negative and no news means good news for those with negative results.  Bastani take pride because he is practicing safe sex as well, he even added that he has seen a lot of young people who had a hard time dealing with the results the conventional way. Some people are truly scared to know the truth while others feel embarrassed to find out about the results even if it will be revealed over the phone.

In the past 2 years, Bastani revealed that he has been tested for STDs more than fifty times already and this is in accordance with an effort to better comprehend the experience of every patient. The no news is not good news, he insisted.  The service is always free to everyone. People can easily join the clinics through the webpage and get STDs tests. The program has started recently and it was launched with the medical centers on the East Coast.  They want to highlight the patients and give help and health care that is suited for them in a very effective manner.