The HIV infections rates in America

The present HIV infections rates all over America fell over the past year, however the process was not really equal in all the groups. This is according to the new report released by the American government. There are new cases of HIV all over the U.S, the virus that causes AIDS. It had fallen by around 20% since the last record in 2005. However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that gay and bisexual men and those residing in the South did not see the same advantage.

There is a development that is quite unequal and it is currently becoming more prevalent, according to Dr. Mermin, he is the director of the National Center for HIV and AIDS and other STDs in Atlanta. For instance, he said in an interview with Reuters that in 2014, around 70% of the new diagnosed cases of HIV were men who have sex with men as well and that includes those who are also using injectable drugs. Over the past decade, the new case of HIV infected individuals went up by 24% among the Latino gays and bisexual men, but it had fallen by around 18% among the white counterparts. The diagnosis went up by 22% among the black gay and bisexual men, but it leveled too in 2010.

What makes gay black men and bisexual prone to HIV?

Young black gay men and bisexuals ages 13-24 had an 87% boost in the new HIV infections; however, this level and even went down lightly after the year 2010. The Southern states in the U.S are the home to 1/3 of the entire populace of the country, 44% of the residents are HIV infected, this rate came in 2013. The HIV patients in the said states died at 3xs the rate of those living with HIV in various parts of the U.S. They have seen enormous differences among the states, especially in the South area, where they are years apart from the rest of the U.S in giving a preventive service to those who are needy according to Mermin. That manifests itself in various health consequences. 

Those who live in the states in the South area may be less likely to know if they have HIV or not, this is according to the report that was released on Sunday at the Start of the National HIV Prevention Conference held in Atlanta. According to the director of global Health in Washington D.C, it is essential for people to find out if they are infected, since they can secure their health and that of the other people as well just by simply getting the treatment right away. As soon as there is someone with HIV after the test results, they must get an anti-retroviral therapy ASAP, she added. She also said that those in the south actually face a perfect storm of the issues with health care services and even larger socioeconomic problems and that includes the stigma, poverty, low education level, the numbers of uninsured individuals, higher rates of non-HIV STDs, discrimination and others.