Strange ways that you can get an STI

Strange Ways to get an STI

There are other methods of contracting common STDs though rare and incredible. However, it is safer to prevent than treat. These places include:

  1. Sharing lipstick

Sharing lipstick, lip balms or anything else that your friend uses regularly and gets up in their grill often would be a sure way to contract herpes simplex virus 1 & 2, which are responsible for oral herpes and genital herpes respectively. Since transmission can occur by direct contact, a lipstick used in an infected area like a cold sore if applied shortly after oral sex would transmit this viral herpes.

2. Sharing razors

While shaving, some shaving breaks and cuts may result and they open the skin with little nicks. These are pores through which infectious agents may gain access into your body. Such an individual is susceptible to infection by various forms of STIs like herpes and the Human Papilloma Viruses which can be transmitted via such cutting/shaving devices.

3. Wet towels

Towels and some other clothes should not be shared especially with infected individuals or the carriers because some infectious agents can live on inanimate objects for a certain period of time after contact by an infected individual. This would be a passage way to infection on a healthy individual and with open nicks and wounds in the body. For example, Trichomoniasis presents with irritation, itching and with smelly discharges may be transmitted through this method. The bacteria like both warm and wet conditions.

4. Beards

It is important to be careful when getting close and personal with one’s facial fuzz because these sites can be breeding sites for pubic lice, fungal infections and herpes.

  1. Being careful while waxing

In cases where you have to dip the waxing stick back into the pot of wax may be dangerous and would increases chances of picking up common STDs. This would be a breeding site for them before they fully differentiate and divide.

Also care while ripping out the pubic hairs since small tears in these regions would predispose one to infection with another infected client.

Even though, the word ‘sexually’ is often emphasized when talking about STIs/STDs, the above six ways to get STD should catch your attention. Be worry of them.