Educating Kids in STD is a Must before learning how to Deal with Sex

The study about kids dealing with sex

In February of 2014, there was news about kids and how the influential bodies must provide them with STD awareness long before they learn how to engage in sex. Having a comfortable and serene environment at home, having good friends and nice environment in school can help a child reduce the risk of getting STDs according to a study?  The University of Washington in a research said that the studies show how the effects can help in preventing STDs and they must start years before the child commits in a sexual intercourse. Kids naturally do not involve in dangerous behaviors. There are just possibilities that must be made according to the author of the study. Parents must keep an eye on their kids and they must make sure that they will be hooked in school activities and school works, they must have friends who will lead them to the right path and ensure STD awareness upfront.

According to the research from the studied data from more than 2,000 people in Seattle alone, the researchers made 2 groups of teens to start with the research. They started in the mid-1980s, then with the 1990s.  At the age of 24, those who have participated had been with 8 partners already. However, around 1/5 said that during the STD testing window, they had been detected with STD like chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes & syphilis, while some says that they have HIV, based on the study.   Around 1/3 of those who were sexually active before they reached the age of 15 had an STD already when compared with the 16% of the people who have just started having sex later on in life. Having more sex partners & engaging in sex after drinking an alcoholic beverage or after the use of drugs was also associated with the higher risk of the people in having STDs.

The researchers have checked on some data as well that they have gathered when the subjects were aged 10-14 years old only and they have discovered that those who lived in homes with sets of rules, rewarded for their good deeds and were disciplined by responsible parents were less likely to engage in sex at an early age.  Those were the kids, who loved to go to school, make friends and did well in school works.  Having childhood friends who belong to gangs or who are always troubled with teachers or with the police are more likely to start sex at an early age according to the study.

Do you know that millions of dollars were spent and is still being spent just by letting the kids know that they need to wait and be married first before they engage in a sexual intercourse? But of course, teens have sex in spite of the drive. This is according to a university professor who belongs in the group of researchers. They would like to spend off the money by preparing the kids on how to keep themselves healthy and how they will have a responsible decision in life, she added.