The ring to easily diagnose STD

Who would ever think that a ring can help in diagnosing Common STDs such as gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, gonorrhea, syphilis and others that was planned by Ernesto Rodriquez Leal, a Mexican designer? This portable medical device is called Hoope Ring; this is a ring that must be placed in the thumb.  It has a cartridge that is disposable with a retractable needed for one use only and it will send the data to a mobile phone in just 1 minute or even less. It help in Diagnosing STDs.

Yearly, more than 500M people across the globe get any of the 4 STDs, 50%of which have it at around 15-23 years of age. The issue is that 74% of them do not show early signs, so the need for an early detection technique is just very much needed according to a mechanical engineer. This idea has been formulated in a Mexican startup in the Silicon Valley.  Leal met a biologist from Kazakhstan, someone from Russia and then the 3 of them thought of making the Hoope, he said.

He went to Silicon Valley via the Singularity University Program with a 3 month stay at the NASA headquarters. This brings together more than eighty people across the globe. In the said program he learned that the devices needed to formulate the social result projects and transforms the thought from the lab to a product. 

How to use the ring?

Leal, who happens to be a local from Monterrey in the northern part of Mexico and happened to be a mechanical engineer said that the ring must be placed only on the finger at the time of the test, there is a button that must be pressed and then it will activate the needle that will extract the blood. It will be taken by the capillary action and then it will be taken to a lab on a chip, this is a recent idea that is based on halting reagents to seek for the alterations and come up with dimensions. 

Moreover, Hoope has a built in anesthesia by which an electrical pulse will produce the numbness to prevent the pain during the puncture. For Common STDS, the ring will work just like other home test tools that take the blood into 4 micro fluidics channels. They have placed antigens or substances that trigger the production of the antibodies, specially synthesized to capture the antibodies for every disease, while the interaction works as a lock and the mechanism as well. If the antibodies for any of the ailment present, the antigens trap and make an electrochemical reaction.

Later on, the data is transmitted in a wireless manner to a portable device, wherein the app will provide a result in just few minutes. Leal once said that the outcomes will be discreet, completely and if they result is positive, it will give a medical guide using a map and then you can find the location of the nearest specialist to schedule an appointment. It was shown in the Startup Demo in Chile. This technology has won a lot of international competitions that includes the Startup Mexico, Chile, Puerto Rico and others.