STD Facts, Pregnancy Prevention and HIV

The importance of teaching the kids the 16 topics

There are only a few schools that teach the pupils how to secure themselves against HIV and other STDs, how to prevent being pregnant at a young age and other essential health related matters.  In some countries, there are only a few numbers, but there are ½ of the high schools and around 1/5 of the middle schools teach about 16 sexual health education related topics mandated by the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In more than forty four states, the ratio of the high schools that educate the 16 topics in grades 9-12 is around 21% only in Arizona to around 90% in N.J. There were only 3 states like New Hampshire, NYC and N.M with more than 75% of high schools educating the kids with all of the said topics. Therefore, there should be a comprehensive STD test panel in every school educational institutions to guide kids on the preventive measures.

The ratio of the middle schools that actually educate the teens with the 16 topics in grades 6-8 ranges from 4% in Arizona to 46% in North Carolina. There is no state with more than ½ of the middle schools educating all of the said topics. In fact, in most of the states, it was less than 20% of the middle schools according to a research. They need to do their job and that is a fact, in terms of providing the students with the skills and the know-how about how to secure themselves and how to stay healthy according to Dr. Mermin. It is vital to teach the kids about health and their relationships and how they can lessen the risk of developing and spreading STDs before they started to engage in sex.

Effective sex education

According to Dr. Zaza, the absence of an effective education in sex can create a big impact and that may lead to serious health outcomes. Young teens with multiple sexual partners do not really use condoms, the use of drugs and alcoholic beverages before they engage in sex will just make them a possible target for HIV and other kinds of STIs. The school based sex education is a good chance to give the kids the information that they need to secure themselves, she added.

½ of the STDs are around ¼ of the HIV detected in America and it occurs in young individuals aged 25 and below. More than 47 of the American teens have had sex and that includes 30% of the kids in grade 9. In 2013, 15% of the kids confessed about having sex with 4 different partners according to a research.  The condom use among teens went down by around 63% in 2003 and it went down to 59% nowadays, while 22% of which said they took an alcoholic beverage or drugs the last time they had an intercourse.