What Is Penile Frenulum Injury and What are The Possible Causes?

Penile frenulum injury is simply the tearing of the penis frenulum; a tissue that connects from under the penis head down to the shaft.

The penis frenulum is so delicate that typical day to day activities can lead to its tearing. These activities include;

  • Wearing tight pants or innerwear
  • Cycling
  • Vigorous sex or masturbation
  • Physical hard labor
  • Sports

Unless there is an infection, penile frenulum injury isn't a long term condition. It can be treated even at home.
Note that even if the tear could seem to be a minor injury, it can cause discomfort and pain. Thepenis is composed of nerves and receptors which are very sensitive to pain. Therefore, it's reasonable to experience sharp, pain at the tip of the penis.

Penile Frenulum Cutting and Bleeding: What to Do

Penile frenulum injury is just like any other cut or injury you may have on your body. It is okay to experience bleeding from a penile frenulum cutting. But you can administer basic first aid to control the bleeding to a minimum by doing the following;

  • Clean your hands thoroughly with the appropriate soap using clean water.
  • Use a hygienic cloth to stop the blood flow.
  • Clean the surroundings of the injury using fresh water.
  • Dry with a sterile soft and dry piece of cloth
  • Apply antibiotics
  • Cover tear with bandaid
  • Check the dressing every day for replacement and ensure you employ an antibiotic when you replace it.

Visit a doctor when bleeding becomes uncontrollable.

When Does it Heal?

The healing process will depend on the severity of the tear. It should at least take a week to recover from a common penile frenulum injury.

Usually, the bleeding should stop within a few hours while pain fades with time. You will often feel pain as you heal. Also, expect some discomfort when replacing the dressing on the tear.

You should keep the injury clean to avoid getting infected. An infection will prolong or complicate the healing process; and include other unusual symptoms like an unpleasant smell, penile secretions accumulation of pus on the tear.

Try as much as possible not to infect the tear as it can spread to the entire penis and lead to damage or severe pain.

How Will It Heal?

Just like any other cuts or injuries of body tissues, penile frenulum tear should heal on its own if you;

  • Don't wear tight or uncomfortable pants while healing
  • Don't engage in vigorous activities that bump on the penis
  • Always replace dressing with fresh bandages
  • Timely treat the tear
  • Always keep it clean and dry

The Do's and Don’ts of the Healing Process

To ensure you heal fast and without complications, you should do the following;

When healing, avoid doing the following;

  • Avoid having sex until you get healed
  • Putting on condoms or any protection will worsen the injury, thus avoid such
  • Avoid engaging in rough activities or sports
  • Avoid keeping the tear open to prevent an infection
  • Avoid soaking the cut with water until you heal

When Should You Visit a Physician?

Consult an expert when you notice the following:

  • Burning effect on the injury
  • Fever
  • Oozing pus
  • Abdominal cramping
  • Penile Inflammation
  • Unusual pain on the penis or around the wound
  • Bloody or discolored urine
  • Peeing more frequent than usual
  • Pain when peeing
  • If the penis losses sensation
  • It the tear takes longer than usual to heal

What a Doctor Will Do to Treat the Tear

A doctor will clean and dress the wound if it's not severe.

Then the doctor will prescribe oral, and application antibiotics to help heal faster, and prevent any infection from spreading.
The doctor will also advise on the correct measures to change the bandaids and how to maintain the injury clean and safe.

The doctor will check up with you to ensure you are healing well and that you are free from any infection or issues.

Final Words

Use this guide to treat your penile frenulum injury. And as advised, if it takes too long to heal, don't hesitate to see a doctor.