The Teens must be more careful about Sex

The study about being a watchful parent

There was a new study that suggests the parents to set new rules at home. They should also set and implement new rules for sex among teens if they want to prevent them from being a mother or a father at a young age.  The parents are really the authority at home and what they have to say matters to their kids. They play a big role in influencing the kids, according to a research. There is an issue that must be tackled and it is how the parents can persuade their kids to engage in a non-sexual activity and to encourage them to protect themselves against risky intercourse.

There is a study that suggests that lots of American teens have become pregnant yearly, in fact, more than 75% of the pregnancies are unwanted. STD is another risk for young individuals according to a research and that shows in the year 2012 among people ages 20-24 wherein the highest rate of new HIV infections was recorded. The HIV infection, by the way, leads to AIDS later on in life.

In the new research made, they have analyzed the outcomes of the thirty studies made across the globe. The studies have completed the 1984-2014 research; they have analyzed the activities of the parents like finding out what their kids are doing when they are not in school or when they are with their friends. The aim of the study is to see if the kids of strict and responsible parents were more likely to prevent their kids from engaging in a sexual activity or use birth control.

The researchers have discovered that kids with parents who set rules at home and keep them mandated, kept an eye on what the kids were doing and who they were with had no sexual activity while they are young, however, the parents who weren’t able to monitor their kids were more likely to use pills or condoms along with other forms of birth control, but setting rules seem to have no effect at all.

Setting clear rules to kids

If the kids are active sexually, they will not follow the rules, no matter how hard you try to implement them. However, setting clear rules and be more precise and consistent about them can help you build a better relationship with your kids or them to open up the communication line with you. Because of the new studies nowadays, the researchers cannot tell anymore if a parent who monitors his/her child or those who are still formulating some rules can directly affect the kids and their consciousness about their sexuality. There are still some other factors that must be considered related to the data.