Oral STDs and Symptoms— And Ways to Get Screened

Most people believe that they can’t contract sexually transmitted infections and diseases by engaging in sex with their mouths – an activity known asoral sex.

Oral sex is when the mouth including the tongue and lips comes into contact with the private parts.

Skin contact with the private parts makes one prone to contracting a sexually transmitted infection if their mate is infected.

That’s why you want must take preventive measures if you must engage in sex that way. Go for a dental dam or tongue condom.

This post will go through the oral stds and symptoms, and ways to get screened.


Oral STDs and Symptoms to Watch Out For


Chlamydia is a widespread sexually transmitted infection caused by a bacterium known as Chlamydia trachomatis.

It affects the rectum, urethra, throat, and private parts. You can contract the disease through anal, vaginal or oral sex.

When chlamydia affects the throat, symptoms take time to appear. Symptoms include;

•    Sore throat

•    Sharp pain when urinating

•    Genital secretions

•    Irritation of the groin

Chlamydia can also be treated using the right antibiotics.


Syphilis is caused by bacterium Treponemapallidum. You could contract syphilis through oral sex.

Sores that result from syphilis occur on the rectum, anus, mouth, and the vagina. You can also catch syphilis if you kiss an infected person.

Treponemapallidum, if left untreated, could stay dominant in the body for years and later harm bodily organs.

Oral syphilis has varied symptoms which occur in stages. These are;

•    Stage 1: sores all over the mouth and throat

•    Stage 2: sore throat, inflated lymph nodes, rashes, fever and hair loss in patches

•    Dormant phase: your body carries the disease for years without symptoms

•    Stage 3: eyes, liver, bones, heart, nerves, and the brain are affected.

Syphilis can be treated using the right antibiotics. Note that symptoms can disappear with or without treatment. If not treated, it can cause fatal damages to your organs.


One can contract it through oral sex or skin-to-skin contact, more sore if the affected has a weak immune system.

HSV-2 leads to skin abrasions. When spread through oral sex, HSV-2 cause’s herpes esophagitis. Symptoms include;

•    Pain in the joints

•    Difficulty when swallowing

•    Itchiness around lips


It is an STI caused by a bacterium known as Neisseria gonorrhoeae.

Though gonorrhea is often contracted through sex—anal or vaginal— you can also catch it through oral sex. The condition affects the throat, rectum, urinary tract, throat, and your private parts.

Symptoms include;

•    Pelvic pain in females

•    inflamed testicles in males

•    Painful urination

•    Vaginal or Urethral secretions

Using the right antibiotics, you can cure gonorrhea. But if the condition doesn’t go away after medication, see a doctor.


HPV (Human papillomavirus)


Human papillomavirus spreads through vaginal, anal as well as oral sex

HPV usually shows no symptoms in some cases. Other times it could lead to genital warts, cancers and affect the mouth and throat.

Symptoms include;

•    Voice changes

•    Shortened breath

•    Warts in victim’s mouth and throat

•    Speaking Difficulties

While one can’t get cured from HPV, there’s a vaccine to prevent the infection.

Oral STDs and Symptoms:Test for Oral STDs

Young people of 26 years and lower who take part in active sex, particularly females should oral STD tests.

Also, males who engage in sex with other males should test for chlamydia, syphilis, and gonorrhea every year.

The following categories of people should consider per/year STI checkup;

•    Those with more than one or new sex mates

•    Those with compromised immunes

•    Expectant women


As an individual, you can go to a specialist for an STI checkup. Types of tests include;

•     Syphilis: sample drawn from saw or a blood sample

•    Chlamydia: urine sample

•    Herpes: blood sample

•    HPV: visual diagnosis or a pap test

•    Gonorrhea: urine sample

  • Oral STD tests

Final Words

Most people believe that it is impossible to contract STIs when receiving or administering oral sex. Hopefully, this article on oral STDs and symptoms will wipe away all your doubts and help you identify any possible cases.

Therefore, ensure to take preventative measures safety even during oral sex, (for instance, using dental dams and tongue condoms. Couples or partners should go for oral STD tests every year.