Circumcision is the key

Young boys are typically subjected to circumcision at one point in their life. Something about it says that men can be protected from the possible risk of developing prostate cancer. This is according to a study made in Canada.  The researchers suspect that the link might be the lesser risk among circumcised men after STD Testing that may raise the probability of having a prostate cancer, however, the precaution that more study is essential to prove this theory.  It is still early to say that circumcision is the solution to prevent prostate cancer, this is according to the author of a book, and however, they do not think it will be helpful.

According to interviews, more than 2,900 men were circumcised as babies and there were 14% less likely than uncircumcised men to develop prostate cancer.  Men who had been circumcised as adults were likely 45% less likely to develop the cancer than men who weren’t circumcised.  The researchers said that circumcision have long been known since it is also being practiced by Muslims and Jewish men. According to the researchers, they have lower rates of prostate cancer than men in the West that suggests that circumcision might play a big role in lessening the possibility of developing prostate cancer according to a study.

The association of prostate cancer with circumcision

To scrutinize the link between circumcision and prostate cancer, a cancer epidemiologist at the university in Quebec, Canada along with her friends asked 3,000 men in Montreal to go through it. All of the participants were between the ages 40-75 years old when they were asked to join and 1,500 of which had been checked with prostate cancer. The 1,600 men who didn’t have prostate cancer, however, were otherwise close in the health and age. Between the year 2006 & 2011, men were interviewed at home with comprehensive questions about their health and lifestyle, cancer in the family, family background and others. As a whole, 40% of white men & 30% of black men were circumcised according to the interview.

For the whole group, the researchers have discovered that 11% has a lower possibility of having prostate cancer among the circumcised men, however, it wasn’t statistically relevant, and that means that it may have been because of the odds only. The team of researchers was able to find a meaning between the circumcised black men who were sixty percent less possibility to have prostate cancer. Black men have the uppermost ratio of having prostate cancer on earth and they also don’t know why this is so. It is really mind boggling to even try to know why this type of cancer is very common among men that resides in industrialized countries and the researchers cannot also comprehend why this is so and there is no way to even prevent it from taking place.