A Man's Guide on How to Deal with Friction Burn on Genital

A friction burn is the result of excessive rubbing of the penis. It could occur during sexual intercourse or masturbation.


Sometimes it can be caused by wearing tight clothes that rub against the penis. And other times, drying the penis with a coarse towel after a bath could lead to a penis friction burn.


This condition causes the redness and discomfort of the penis. It generally renders one susceptible to fungal and viral infections.

Identifying the Nature of a Sore Burn


A penis friction burn looks as much like a grass burn. Looking at it, you will see it's a cross between a scrape and an injury. Friction sore causes inflammation of the penis, causing severe pain.


Balanitis is a condition whereby the tip of the penis gets inflamed and very painful. Balanitis can be as a result of extreme rubbing of the penis.

Symptoms of balanitis include;

•    The skin at the penis tip becomes tight and shiny

•    Reddish penis tip

•    An unpleasant odor on the genitals

•    Swelling of glands near the penis

•    Sores on the tip of the penis

•    Pain when urinating

Friction burns also cause pain and redness of the penis. This condition can be contributed by more serious STIs like;

•    Syphilis

•    Gonorrhea

•    Genital herpes

•    Chlamydia

•    Trichomoniasis

You need to distinguish between an STI and a friction burn. The following are some signs to show you have an STI and not a friction burn on genital;

•    Feeling pain when urinating or ejaculating

•    Colored discharge from the penis

•    Swelling of the testicles and experiencing painful moments

•    Having itching effects inside the penis

•    Having sores on your rectum, penis, and mouth


Burn Treatment Measures


It's not difficult to treat a friction burn on genital. You need to take time off activity that leads to friction and let the burn heal.

A friction burn should take at most a fortnight to heal; unless it's a more complicated issue. As the friction burn heals up, ensure you do the following;

•    Avoid wearing very tight pants to prevent rubbing off the penis as you move. Consider wearing underpants made of soft material to avoid irritation or rubbing your penis.

•    When you notice an abnormal effect on your penis, notify the doctor for an assessment. Abnormalities could be oozing pus from the skin or having rashes on the penis.

•    Avoid intense masturbation or sex to heal faster.

•    Keep the surface of your penis moisturized by applying the appropriate petroleum jelly or body lotion.


Friction burns on the penis make one an easy target to sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, abstain from unprotected sex during your healing period.


What Are the Causes Of Friction Burns?

A friction burn can affect any part of your body. It can be a result of grass or floor burns after falling.


Generally, a friction burn on the skin is a result of repeated contact with a rough object. A friction burn on groin may be as a result of intense physical activities like sex and masturbation, or an epidemic. 


Balanitis is such an epidemic characterized by the penis having irritation and redness effects. Balanitis can be as a result of allergic reactions.


The following factors can easily cause balanitis;

•    Circumcision- in this case of uncircumcised males, germs collect easily under the  penis foreskin leading to an infection

•    Sweating a lot in the genitals or staying in prolonged damp conditions. Moist conditions of the genitals create room for virus, fungi and other disease-causing agents

•    Not maintaining good genital hygiene.

•    Epidemics such as diabetes cause a penile yeast infection, which can lead to one contracting balanitis.

N/B: It is crucial to keep your genitals dry and clean. Moist and unhygienic conditions around your pubic area may lead to infections.

How to Prevent Friction Burn on Groin and Other Irritation Effects


One way to prevent your penis from friction burns and irritation is through practicing sex and masturbation gently. Don't be as harsh on your penis as it has very tender skin.

When you feel irritated when having sex or masturbating, ease the intensity in which you are doing it or stop and get sure test results and advice from your physician.

Be watchful of the lubricants you use during sex and when having a solo play. You should opt for water-based lubricants as oil-based lubricants dry up quickly becoming inefficient in lubrication.

Other ways to prevent your penis from irritation include;

•    If uncircumcised, always keep your penis free form smegma. Smegma build-up increases the chances of contracting balanitis.

•    Ensuring you dry your penis correctly and thoroughly. Dry your penis by patting with a dry towel and not rubbing.

•    Keep your genitals clean and dry. Wear underpants that fit loosely.

•    Those with diabetes should seek medical advice on how to avoid yeast infections.


Final Words

Always take care of your penis when taking part in any form of sexual activity to avoid friction burn reach out to your doctor for correct test results. If possible, use water-based lubricants to stay safe.