You Can Protect Yourself From STDs Using These Tips

The most accurate ways of avoiding STDS is total abstinence from sex. Unfortunately, this has never been an option for most of us. All the same, you can still have sex and at the same time avoid contracting an STD. There are diverse ways to do so. The main question is but how? The first step is knowing yourself and knowing your partner too. More so, knowing the importance of condoms as well as safer sex is also a crucial step. With that said, you must be dying to hear more. There we go!

10 Sure ways of avoiding STDS

Employ the practice of safe sex: with a condom, gloves or even a female condom can act as barrier perfectly well preventing you from possible STD contractions. This will work especially if you make it consistent. Whether it’s vaginal or anal sex, always ensure that you are protected. However, barriers don’t assure you 100% protection though they are known to reduce the risk greatly.

Regular STD testing

As a couple or sex partners for that matter, it is imperative that you undergo same day STD testing regularly. This will reduce if not permanently hinder your chances of contacting or even spreading an STD. The testing should be consistent. Note that if you already have an STD and are being treated, it is not advisable to have sexual intercourse before completing the treatment.

Have one sexual partner

To be on the safer side, one should stick to one sexual partner. The truth is, two faithful partners have no opportunity to bring an STD into their relationship. Note that the two of you must be tested and proven healthy first. After that, you can have fun just the two of you without integrating other people. However, you might not be so sure that your partner won’t cheat on you. In such case, try to stick to the practice of safer sex even when in a monogamous sexual relationship.

Mark your limits

Unmistakably speaking, a sexual mood is known to switch off the brain. You cannot think Cleary. It could be worse especially if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs in general. That will render you limitless. Anybody can have sex with you. Never wait until your pants are down in order to start thinking whether you want it or not. Always plan for your dates well, if you are ready for one night shot then prepare yourself in advance.

Be open to your sexual partner

Don’t allow anybody to influence you. If you want sex or don't want to, be courageous enough to say exactly that. Talk to them about safer sex as well as a monogamous relationship. Your voice determines what you want to make out of yourself. Speak out!

Finally, learn how to control yourself. Your brain is the key sexual organ. This is because the biggest percentage of sexual arousal happens there. However, you can use the same brain to control your emotions. Stay informed about the risk factors, symptoms & prevention method as well as transmission methods. Not to mention sensible partner selection.