Handling a conversation on STDs with your partner

Most people feel awkward to start conversations on STD testing and may just succumb to the fear and dismiss the entire idea of talking about STDs.

Well, it could sound good to forego the discussion at the time but this is a typical case of postponing an issue that needs to be resolved at and when your heart feels its good – the right time.

Most people fail to identify the right time to have this conversation, and they are always nervous whenever they think of talking to their spouse about STD Testing.

If you are among the many who brush off the idea of STD testing and STD-related conversations, your adventure led you to the right link.

Here is a breakdown of how you could flawlessly handle this talk without you or your partner feel nervous.

Before the actual talk

Learn and understand the facts. 

 You are more confident when you have knowledge about something. You can gather information on STD from medical practitioners and ensure that you understand everything to do with STD. ensure you are in a position to answer any question your partner may have.

Have an objective. 

You can’t tell if your partner has STD from their appearance or from digging their relationship history. This means that you will have to make it clear that you want to learn your STD status as a couple. You will also want to know if your partner agrees with your idea.

Figure out why you may be feeling uncomfortable to talk about it

Are you shy or embarrassed? Some people worry that their partners will assume they don't trust them; they have STDs and will probably reject them. Thinking about your fears and concerns helps in preparation. For instance, a shy person may decide to put the concern in writing and send it to their partner.

Know what to say.

Difficult conversations are made more efficient by planning what to say. You can't have a manuscript and read it word after word, but it's important to have some points that will aid your memory during the talk.

The actual talk 

Choose the best time

The best time for such conversations is at the beginning of a relationship. Maybe you have not been in the game for some time, and here you are dipping your toe in the dating pool, or you have found a total dream person to settle with. It's important to consider having this talk before getting your pants off. 

Find the most appropriate time and place to have the conversation without interruptions.

Proceed Boldly 

This is not the best conversation, but eventually, someone has to bring up the topic. You can start the conversation about STD testing by letting your partner know that you want to enjoy your sex life knowing that you are free from STD.

You can start by talking about the most recent STD testing you have taken but be cautious not to turn the conversation into a sexy conversation. Focus on what you want to achieve from the talk.

Observe your partner’s response

 After you have introduced the topic, pause to see their reaction. Most people fear that it will sound awkward and their partner will reject them, but you may find that they are happy that you brought the issue up. 

Talk of going for the STD testing together

Identify places you can go for the test together and tell your partner about the options you got.

Be a good listener

Listening sets the tone for a conversation. It is important to listen to your partner’s point of view so that you may understand them. You may learn that they are resistant at first but would gradually give in after some convincing.

Be calm and avoid judging

In any relationship, people tell stories about their past and experiences. Disclosing about STDs should be treated the same way, you should let your partner know if you have suffered from STD before. In case your spouse says they have had STD, avoid jumping into conclusions immediately, and asking if you are at risk. 

It might be challenging to talk to your partner about going for Sexually transmitted diseases testing, but it is so worth it. The chances are that your partner will be glad you brought it up!