The Effecivity of the HIV Treatment

HIV infection treatment for those who are at a higher risk

The medicines taken for the HIV Treatment or infection among high risk individuals show to work well for them in real life, according to a study, there was a year when they were taking the PrEP, there were only 2 from the 400 high risks who were infected with HIV. This is the virus that leads to AIDS. It may be because the ones who were infected weren’t able to take the medicines accordingly as the early HIV testing or they just do not want to according to a study.  The new study has discovered that the rate of HIV was more than 20xs lower than in other studies made by the researchers.  Gay as well as bisexuals is at a higher risk of being infected.

They must be counseled about the PrEP, so they will be aware of its effects according to Dr. Mayer. He is the director of the HIV Treatment and  prevention research in Boston. He is very much familiar with the study and the findings as well.  He even added that there is a Pharma record stating that there were more than 10,000 people using the pill.  However, the treatment doesn’t have any issues at all. The most essential problem is that the pill is quite costly, possibly the cost may reach round $1,300/month according to a researcher in San Francisco.  On the other hand, the treatment is enclosed by insurance firms and the medical assistance programs are also made available to be of help to the people.

Truvada for HIV

The people who will try using the pill may also experience mild adverse effects only like upset of the tummy, loss of appetite, mild headache and others, but there is nothing to be aware of because they will soon go away after starting the treatment. The PrEP is a mixture of 2 important ingredients like the tenofovir as well as the emtricitabine. These 2 are in 1 pill that they call Truvada.  The aim of the treatment is to prevent those who are at risk from being infected with HIV. This treatment was approved in the U.S since 2012.  Around 2/3 of the bisexual men as well as gay have been infected according to a research.  But the study doesn’t point out the tests that the health advocates may face as they highlight the use of the pill.

5% of the participants stopped taking the pill, due to its side effects.  There is the matter of cost in this particular study, according to the researchers who have assisted those who have joined to the continued treatment, even if they face co-payments and high deductibles if they have an insurance to cover for it.  Some of the insurance programs with Medicaid will cover for the PreEP.  There is also a huge concern, since the researchers have discovered that the blacks were less likely to take the medicines, there were only 57% of them who are taking the pill religiously.