How sexual education impacts life of  school going children 

Sex is natural. It happens in the absence or presence of sexual education. Both young people and old enjoy sexual intercourse.

The mention of the words ‘sex’ or ‘sexual intercourse’ sometimes makes people afraid. Many people believe that sex should be secret and should not be discussed in public places.

In my secondary school, I feared discussions about sex- especially with my colleagues of the opposite sex. I believed that no one should talk about sex- unless they are only two and in private areas.

The greatest lessons I learnt was that young people should keep off from sex for as long as possible. We were made to believe that sex was a preserve for the married.

In those days, I was made to believe that it was sinful to have sex before marriage.

And if I were to have sexual intercourse, I would ensure that my partner had an extreme love for me. I needed to be sure that my partner did not have any person with who they had sexual intercourse.

Again, I needed to make sure that we had protected sex every time. I would always have a condom in my bag for my protection.

But I also saw young girls conceive before marriage. Young boys and girls secretly engaged in sexual intercourse and made sexual communications. I learnt that people were not being sincere with themselves.

In schools, sexual education took place in upper classes where the pupils and students were assumed to be mature. Even then, the children shied away from discussions on sex. It was the sole responsibility of the teachers to give information about sex.

I often wondered why students did not participate in classes that touched on their sexual experiences.

The reason is simple: The society and community made people believe that sex could not be discussed in public places.

Today, children have developed the courage and confidence to talk about sex and their sexual experience, both in public and private.

What has caused the change? Sexual Education.

How Does Sexual Education Impact Life of School Going Children

 Prepares school going children for safety 

Sexual education makes the school going children prepared for their safety. Through sexual education, school going children improve on their ability to protect themselves when faced with sexual advances from strangers or friends.

The children also learn about various ways to avoid the danger and temptation of getting into sexual intercourse. Besides, they get to know the variuos STIs and the importance of STD testing.

 Provides accurate and reliable information

Children get to know accurate and reliable information on sex. There are a lot of rumors, myths and misconceptions that societies and communities advance on Sex.

The information from the sexual education classes helps the children to dispel the rumours, hearsay, and propaganda about sex and sexually related infections.

 Encourages abstinence

In as much as sexual intercourse has a limited boundary in terms of ages, there is a need for the school going children to abstain from sex.

Sexual education encourages school going children to abstain from sex and wait until they are married. The sexual education teaches the children about the dangers of having sexual intercourse at their age.

makes young people learn to say NO 

Young people sometimes find it so hard to say NO to sexual advances.

They lack the confidence and courage to reject the sexual proposals from other people, especially people who are older than them.

Through sexual education, school going children get an opportunity to learn how to say No.

 Gives the young people faith

Faith is important in the lives of school going, children. Sexual education offers the school going children an opportunity to develop faith in themselves.

Faith helps the school going children to remain committed and work hard in school. It is through faith that the children develop the spirit to work hard in class.

Teaches them to be good people in future

Sexual education teaches school going children to be good people in the future.

Children need people and lessons that shape their conduct and behaviour. They need continuous reminders in the right manner to behave.

Sexual education teaches children about their future lives and prepares them to be ready and committed to fully face the future.

 Instils Discipline in the children

School going children can be influenced to become indiscipline in conduct and behaviours.

The lessons in sexual education instil discipline in the school going children. The children are exposed to various practical orientations and made to understand the real challenges in life.

A sense of discipline naturally develops in children who have been taken through sexual education.

 Provide protection against sexual exploitation

Sexual education teaches school going children lessons on sexual exploitation.

School going children are often victims of sexual exploitation.

You’ve heard these stories about school going children being lured to sexual intercourse for little pay or gifts from old men and women? It is these sexual exploitations that sexual education creates aware of, and informs children to stay away from.

 Covers the issues of gender equity or inequity

Gender equity and inequity is a topic that is covered in the sexual education classes.

Naturally, society has made people believe that girls are not equal to the boys. The boys are thought to have power and preference of the girls.

Sexual education teaches young children that they are equal and have equal opportunities in life. The issue of gender equity and inequity is widely addressed in sexual education.

 Creates confidence in the school going children

Sexual education makes children confident in all their activities in school.

Confidence helps the children overcome fear and address their problems without any fear. It gives the young children the courage to talk about their sexual issues and enhance their ability to share their experiences.

 Teaches the school going children about consent

Consent and the age of consent are essential lessons in sexual education.

Knowledge in sexual consent is helpful for young children, especially for the prosperity of their education. School going children are taught to understand that they have the right to reject any sexual advances from anyone irrespective of their social status.

 Dispels rumours, myths, and misconceptions

Sexual education helps the school going children to dispel rumours, propaganda, myths, and misconceptions about sex and sexual intercourse.

Some of the myths and misconceptions that sexual education dispel include;

  • The myth that gays and lesbians do not have any chances of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases.
  • The beliefs that some sexually transmitted disease are cursed from God for the sinful nature of humanity.
  • The misconception that you people can hardly acquire sexually transmitted diseases.