Prevent HIV with Truvada Pill

The possible prevention of HIV spreads

A few numbers of Americans who might possibly have HIV are taking Truvada. It is a pill that may help and secure them against the virus that causes the AIDS, according to the health report. The health providers should help making people aware that the use of the pill is helpful, highlighted the experts.  Around 25% of the sexually inclined gay as well as bisexual men, while 20% of the injection drug users and there is less than 1% of sexually active heterosexuals who are at a higher risk for the HIV infection. This is according to the disease control center. Those within the groups must know about Truvada, this is a pre-exposure type of prophylaxis pill.

If it is taken regularly, the Truvada Pill can help in lessening the risk of having a sexually acquired HIV by around 90%. The pill can help lessen the risks of those who are taking injection drugs by around 70% according to the experts.  On the other hand, there is a current data that say some of the primary health care experts are not familiar with the pill, which was given approval by the USFDA in 2012. The probability of the pill to secure the people and prevent the HIV from spreading can be achieved only with the awareness of the people about the pill and by giving the people the help that they need, especially those who are at higher risk.

The pill is not reaching a lot of people who can get the advantages from it, most of the providers are still not aware of the promise that this pill has to provide. This is according to the news during an interview with Dr. Frieden. With more than 40,000 cases of HIV Testing is done being diagnosed yearly in America, they need to use all of the available methods to prevent the spreading of the said disease. Dr. Mermi said that the pill has a possibility to lessen the new cases of HIV infections in the entire country. On the other hand, PrEP will only work if the patient is familiar with it, if the patient has an access to it and if it is prescribed to them, he added.

The essence of the study

The programs can actually help in boosting the use of the pill; this is according to a separate research done. After the launch of the program to boost the awareness of the people about PrEP, the use of the drug amid Medicaid covered users in NYC rose from three hundred prescriptions from July 2013 to June of 2014 to more than 1,300 prescriptions the next year according to a report.