Everything a Lady Should Learn about Hair Color

Coloring of the hair should be left for experienced individuals. Doing it alone can be the most stressful and challenging DIY you ever tried. 

Hair dying should be done in a salon to ensure quality results and proper hair-safe procedures.

Before doing any coloring activities, you must familiarize yourself with the following tips.

1. Do a little consultation before deciding on the shade.

It helps to learn what you want versus what your colorist can offer. Based on various circumstances, hair color sessions take an average of 60 minutes, while others will need more than one session.

Booking an appointment without a clue may lead to schedule interruption and an undesired result. Early appointments with your colorist offer ample time for the two of you to agree on a custom shade and look.

2. Coloring hair increases your hair volume making it easier to style.

Every time one colors their hair, the recognizable change is its texture. This eases styling as hair follicles will open up. As a result, it will plump and finally increase in volume.

3. Cover your hair strands with a hair mask before visiting your colorist.

This ensures that your hair is fully hydrated and softened to facilitate grueling. According to some of the best hair salons, it is advisable to leave your hair moist after masking.

4. Preserving the color of your hair needs exclusive sun protection.

You need to wear clothing that covers your hairfrom direct sunlight. This can achieved by putting on hats and scarves.

UV rays can make your hair dull overtime and leave a faded shade.

5. Change your conditioner and shampoo to color-friendly versions.

 Not all hair products are color-safe. Use air conditioners and shampoos meant for color-treated hair. Do not use shampoos that might make your hair lose its color.

Lastly, always follow all instructions as given by your hair stylist.

  1. Protect your color from salty water by regularly sprinkling it with tap water before hopping in.

Salty water from sources such as pools or oceans will dry your hair and make it vulnerable to breakages.

Chlorine will make your hair color develop some greenish pigment. Your hair shaft should be kept free from contamination bysuch chlorine elements.

Moistening your hair upfront seals its cuticles. This prevents the entry of unwanted substances into the hair shafts.

DIY tactics to Color your Hair at Home.

First impressionis everything today, and it has always been since time immemorial. Everyone wants to be presentable in their looks.

For ladies, your appearance, especially the hair, tells a lot about you and your state of mind. Therefore, it is important to know what suits you best and presents you as an epitome of beauty.

Making hair color at home.

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Whenever you enter a salon, you expect an appreciative transformation. Your hair may be shrunken and lacking in color. However, the final result is often appealing to the eye. 

But have you taken the time to reconsider the idea of doing your salon services at the comfort of your home?

If you worry about hair re-growths that crop up and lead to discoloration, why not try a home-based hair color salon?

Yes you can color your hair in the convenience of your home. Here are some basic guidelines on how to set up a home hair dying salon.

1. Understand your skin color.

The color of your skin determines the shades of colors that would best match your hair. If you have a light complexion, consider using dyes that have the same hues in them.

For those of you with dark skin, consider using more iridescent colors of similar tans. Innovation has seen a wide range of products made to serve their purposes best.  

2. Know what you want.

You almost certainly understand the importance of a desirable result. Pick the best kit designs with the specifications you need. Let the purpose of coloring your hair rule your intentions rather than mere fashion.

3. Keep it simple.

Do not practice extreme makeovers in your color. Save this for the colorist at the commercial salon.

Most people often mess up by going for unrealistic color choices. Don't mix colors if you are not sure how to go about it. Useas few shades as possible.

4. Eliminate hairline stains.

Stains can give your hair a different color along the hairlines. Consider embalming the hairline or applying a little Vaseline. You can also use make-up removers for efficient results.

5. Prepare your hair.

A prior preparation of the strands of your hair ensures maximum surface exposure. Wash your hair a day or two before the coloring process.

6. Apply the intended color.

Hair color products sold across the counter often come with manufacturer's directions of use. It is essential to learn to adhere to these instructions. Give special attention to your hair roots and work your way outwards.

7. Don’t forego style.

 It’s only fair to do justice to your hairin these times of good looks and fashion trends. But you don't have to follow any new trend you see around. Go for those that best suit your preference and match your looks.

8. Prevent fading.

After some time, hair color fades away. Store the products you use to dye your hair. They will be handy to prevent early discoloring.

Finally, go in knowing that anything could go wrong. That’s why it is advisable to partner with a talented friend who loves to touch hair and has colored before.

You realize some ladies have natural saloon skills though their occupations are not related to hair beauty and such.

If you’re lucky to have one as a friend, this is the time to call them and tip them something small for ensuring you don’t make a mess of your hair.

Hair color mistakes that will make you look old.

Are you bored with your current looks because your current hair color does not match the skin tone?

Are they pushing you away from your pals? If you feel like you’re not groomed to turn up for a party with pals because of your hair, then it's high time you visited your stylist.

The most common hair color mistakes are made by women over 40 years who feel they are too old—or this group that intends to look like their college daughters.

Hey, there's nothing wrong with desiring a younger look. But going overboard makes you look crazy (in the wrong way).

The best hair dye salon stylists have warned of being extreme in your coloring. That being said, below are some of the worst hair color mistakes that will make you look even older.

1. Choosing a color that’s too dark.

According to experts from some of the best hair color salons, darker colors are the start of wrinkles. Moreover, for those with grey hair and a visible demarcation line, it is advisable to go for a warm tone shade. 

Another choice is a color two shades lighter that your skin.This shade can reflect more light to the skin tone. The two-shades-lighter option also lowers the contrast brought about by dark colors.

2. Being too ashy.

 Ashy color makes your hair appear flat and with inky. Whether you are brunette or blonde, your hair should not look ashy. Pick a warm glow to brighten your skin once more.

3. Too trendy.

The lighter tips appearing on the ends of your hair may age your face as well as make it look wider. Always opt for the brighter colors in every place with carefully done highlights to create attention on the desired areas. 

In the case of a narrow forehead, you will require bright pieces on the top of your face and head. And finally, more highlights to balance your looks. If you have a wide lower face, you will have your jawline, face, and cheeks shadowed with a dark shade. Dip dying should be minimized and, if possible, left for good.

4. Too much red color.

Dying your hair using red color is an almost sure cause of old-looking hair.

Deep colors are viewed as outdated looks, which seemed fashionable for 20 to 30 years of age. 

This pigment is expected to lose its tone after turning 40, and its contrast to your skin tone and hair becomes stark. 

Deep color enhances irregular skin tone and makes you look flushed. Too much red is always solved with the application of glaze. Other remedies are shampoos for color, improving, or adding a few highlights. 

The red color is youthful and beautiful, but sometimes it might need a little copper as well as few highlights to give it a more natural look.

Now that you know the hair color mistakes to avoid, no need to mess everything up— do it perfectly, there's no room for regrets.

Things to avoid if your hair is thin.

We all know that different people have different types of hair. You may have thin or thick hair. Your hair may also be smooth or coarse in terms of texture.

Thin hair is generally soft and smooth. It also dries quickly. And you may take pride in these advantages. 

However, due to its delicate nature,some stuff you do to other thick hair may affect thin hair and its healthy state.

So people with such hairmust be extra keen when styling and caring for their hair. The stress, genetics, and texture makes it limp.

Limpness causes damage to your hair during styling. That explains why you need to visit the best hair salons with experts who can spot thin air and take precaution.

Here are some basic things you should avoid if your hair is thin;

  1. Avoid using heated styling tools- Your thin hair means one thing. You've got to stay away from that hot styling tool. These styling tools might cause burns to your scalp and damage your hair. If you still need to use heated styling tools, ask your hairstylist not to turn the heat up.
  2. Do not use products containing sulfates- whenever you go shopping; it is important to purchase only those products that do not have sulfate components. Products with sulfates alongside heavy density conditioners will weigh your hair down. Check out the labels of your product to find out its contents.
  3. Use soft cotton pillowcases on your bed- the softness of your hair means you need some soft pillows to lay your head on. Ifthe breakagescontinue breaks even after using cotton pillowcases, consider using softer and silky pillowcases. 
  4. Do not lighten your hair too much- do not lighten your hair excessively when tanning it. Too much lightening will go all the way down to the depth of your hair, making it much thinner than it may appear. Consider using a bayalage hair painting technique as opposed to using an overall color.
  5. Use products designed for your hair type- it helps to note the requirements of your hair. Products on the counter have labels on them. Carefully read these labels and then choose wisely. Don't just walk in, pick a product from the shelf, pay, and leave the beauty shop. Liven you rather lifeless hair by using a thickening shampoo and hair conditioner.
  6. Do not wash your hair daily- the constant presence of shampoo in your hair removes healthy oils that preserve it. Frequent washing means frequent straightening and blow-drying. Instead of an everyday cleaning program, skip a day or two for better conditions of your hair. 
  7. Lastly, do regular oiling- This exercise will ensure minimal breakage of your hair. Oil your hair, especially after washing and blow-drying it.

If you have thin hair, consider wisely the choice of your cut. Avoid over-laying or extreme texturing of your hair. Have a solid haircut instead. This will leave you with the only responsibility of maintaining your hair. Ideally, visit the best hair salon to have it done. 

Tips to do hair and Makeup for a Social Media Pic.

Ladies, this one is for you. When moving from say festive times or summer season to a different new season, the goal, often, is to achieve a new look.

Living in a world where social media presence and profile updates are everyday activities, no one wants to appear in the same old look from season to season.

Or maybe you are dating online and would like to charm your admirers with a different look. Nothing is wrong with that because according to Pew ResearchPics are the number one determinant for a likable online dating profile.

Yes, profile pics remain the real conversation starters even though users also prioritize factors like; (1) type of relationship, (2) kids or no kids, (3) hobbies, and (4) religious beliefs.

That being said, you want to put you best foot forward—in this case; you best selfie—because it seems everyone cares about the perfect pic.

To make this dream to reality, you must follow some beauty tips to get most flattering looks.

A charming look starts from your neck upwards. So you hair and face are priority number one. These two portray your personality and by trying a new look you will show your high-spirited and diverse side.

But whatever the goal,it is advisable to remain natural and still look nice. When doing a capture, choose a look that makes you feel confident and comfortable.

Consider the following when doing hair and face make up for a social media pic.

1.Choose your makeup wisely.

Go for makeup colors that do well with your skin color. Stick to how you apply your makeup normally but do something special for this exceptional look you are targeting.

This reduces the possibilities of mistakes and ensures your maintain a natural look. Your final look should match your hair color and skin tone—then the hair and makeup can be termed as successful.

2. Control shine.

Your final look should be a glowing type rather than shining type. If you end up looking too shiny, you can consider applying dust powder gently as you finalize the makeup process. Looking too shiny can make you not very much appealing even when you look attractive.

3. Smooth fly-away.

Both hair and makeup aim at ensuring you look appealing from your face to hair. To better the looks of yourhair, use a spray and a smooth comb to smoothen the hairline into “waves” facing the same direction. This styling gives a more appealing and eye-catching look.

There are very many pros to an appealing profile picture in Instagram or Facebook. Apart from social relationships, they could alsoboost your business relations and personality.