Sexual Health Education Plays a Significant Role in today’s Society

Truly, most people find it hard to talk openly about sex issues and other problems that affect their sexual lives. So, what is “sex education”?  Well, sexual health education explains all the relevant information about sex, sexuality, body changes, and how to approach relationships/sexual-related problems.

With extensive sex talk, anyone is in a position to make wise decisions on matters like best birth control methods, body image, and how to avoid STIs. You can access sexual education in schools, on the internet, books, peers, community, and places of worship.

Most people do not want to openly talk about sex and sexuality matters because they think that it encourages the youth to have sex, which is not true.  Remember, the main objective of implementing sex education is to make sure the youths have skills, knowledge, and values. Such values will assist them in making good and healthy decisions about sexual/relationship matters in the future.

The Benefits of Sexual Health Education

A person with knowledge about reproductive health guidance is in a position to handle sex and sexuality problems without any difficulties. In any circumstance, that he/she comes across in his life cycle. Below are six reasons why sexual health education is important.

  • Motivates Youths to Abstain from Sex at an Early Age.

Quality reproductive health guidance highly contributes to low involvement in sexual activities among teenagers.  It helps understand what sex is and the right time people should engage in sexual activities. It means that it will not be easy for friends or other people to encourage them to try to do it when they already know it’s wrong.

  • Reduces the Number of Abortions And Early Pregnancies.

Extensive sex talks help the youth to know the dangers of abortion and how to avoid getting pregnant. Nowadays, most teenagers know how to use condoms and other contraceptives. Parents and teachers need to give precise and quality information to kids so that they don't get to ignore anything.

  • Less Number of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDS).

What are some of the practices we ignore that contribute to a high number of STDs? Some of these practices are anal, oral sex, having more than one sex partner, and having unprotected sex. Sex education will help you make wise decisions before trying other sexual practices that we otherwise think are safe.

  • Increases Body Esteem.

Sexual health education covers very many topics, including the reproductive system. Here, teens get to learn so many things about their body changes and give them more details about their genitals. By so doing, we are helping them appreciate themselves for who they are and not try to be somebody else. Thus building their body esteem by a very significant percentage.

  • Help People Appreciate Each Other’s Differences.

Talking more about sex and sexuality with teenagers helps them understand we are all different. Sex education ensures that our kids grow up, appreciating each other regardless of skin color or their sexuality. Hence promoting harmony and friendship among teens.

  • Helps Youths Make Wise Decisions Concerning Sexual Matters.

Imparting your children with knowledge and values about sex and sexuality will help them make smart decisions in the future. Information from the media, their peers, or magazines will not easily convince them to do corrupt sexual practices.

Children who do not get quality sex guidance tend to end up in complicated relationships when they grow older. Reason being, they do not how to trust other people to help them with their problems. Such individuals are even ashamed to seek medical attention when they get infected with STIs. Parents, let's make sure our kids get sex education.

  • Reduces Cases of Sexual Abuse.

Reproductive health guidance has dramatically cut down the number of rape cases. Comprehensive sex talk helps teenagers know if someone has ill intensions with them and try to avoid them or report.  Frequently talking to your kids about sexual matters makes it easier for them to report such cases. This way, you will be able to detect and stop so many abuse cases.

Sources That Will Help You Get More Information About Sex And Sexuality-Related Matters on the Internet.

In case you ever need clarification, ask a question or access to any information on reproductive health guidance, I've some sites you can visit. These sources are as follows;

  • Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood is a program that offers services and sexual advice on healthy sex activities. It provides services like education to peers and trains teachers, leaders, community members, and other educators. These trainees help in improving modes of sexual health guidance.

  • You-tube Channels.

You-tubers like Ash Hardell and Laci Green help a lot of people by their YouTube videos. They post videos giving guides on sexual matters and other topics that relate to sexuality. I believe the people who watch Ash and Laci videos get help in a very significant way. 

  • Television Shows.

On TV nowadays, some programs talk more about sex, sexuality, and upcoming gender issues. After addressing these issues, they discuss solutions or measures people should take. They usually dive deeper into sex themes most people do not understand, for example, sex fantasies.

  • `Online Hubs.

An example of an online center that offers knowledge about sex and sexuality is Scarleteen. Teenagers get efficient and reliable information about healthy sex, suitable products to use, sexual, and relationship advice.

  • Blog Posts Sites.

Nowadays, bog posts are an efficient way of sharing information and ideas. You can find specific blog posts that provide quality reproductive health information. The strength of this source is that there is a wide range of information. It also offers peer to peer learning through the comment section.

  • Organizations Advocating for Youth Sexual Health Education Rights.

Some advocates take, for instance, Micah has a website; GenderQueer.Me that helps promotes extensive sex talk. People can share stories, life experiences, and myths they have towards sex and sexuality. By doing this, they share a lot of information amongst themselves.

Summing Up

Extensive sexual health education does not motivate youths to have sex. Instead, it gives them clear information and solutions to sexual problems and relationships. It elaborates to them all the safe ways to handle a situation, provide details on the benefits of regular STD test and that is why you should prefer sex education over abstinence.