Cases of Chlamydia on the rise once again


However, little input has been employed in treatment of Mgen related disease since it is often misdiagnosed as Chlamydia and thus higher chances of its development to a “superbug”. Studies reveal too that Mgen may also mutate to a superbug within a period of 10 years. These bacteria are approximated to be found in between 1-2% of   infected men and women with no symptoms presented. Some symptoms may be observed in patients, but they are often mistaken for other STIs including Chlamydia. The disease caused by Mgen may sometimes be misdiagnosed and treated for Chlamydia since there do not exist commercial diagnostic tests for Mgen like those for chlamydia.


 Mgen soon to become a superbug


According to the BASHH records, 72% of sexual health experts agreed that Mgen would become a superbug with time and thus resistant to both the first and second line antibiotics. Peter Greenhouse who is asexual health consultant says that this bacterium is even resistant to antibiotics that treat chlamydia. However, with the new guidelines to curb antimicrobial resistance, an approximate of 40% case of Mgen are resistant to macrolides but may respond to Azithromycin in most cases.


 Misdiagnosis to blame


Misdiagnosis of Chlamydia will contribute to it being a superbug although it is treatment is achieved by use of antibiotics. There have been a guideline recommended for Mgen testing and should be screened in patients suffering from non-gonococcal urethritis, symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease, bleeding after sex, epididymitis and sexually-acquired proctitis. Specific diagnostic tests for Mgen have recently been developed although they are still not available in all clinics unlike in England where testing is already available but at a fee.


It is expensive to acquire these diagnostic tests and many women suffering from pelvic inflammatory diseases may suffer infertility since they may not reach treatment in time. Some sexual health experts have to budget for its acquisition in 2019. However, urgent interventions and resources are needed to treat these women to reduce their chances to infertility.


Safeguard yourself by visiting a health practitioner for STD testing. Failure to do so can harm your fertility rate.