What is Bloody Semen

Semen could be bloody for a number of reasons. Most cases of the condition—medically referred to as hematospermia—are not severe and often heal without medical attention.
Medical experts use a victim’s age and other symptoms that come along with bloody semen like, how much blood, pain, and how often it happens to diagnose the potential causes and treatment for each situation.
Discover some of the reasons you may see  Blood in Semen.

7 Likely Causes of Blood in Semen

While most cases of bloody semen stay unidentified, your specialist may come up with an overall evaluation based on how old you are and the symptoms that come with it.
Here are the seven possible explanations for semen with blood:

Prostate-related surgical procedures

Surgical procedures are the most common triggers for traces of blood in semen. They may also cause bloody urine. These symptoms may go on for weeks

You may also see blood in your urine. These symptoms may last for several weeks. They are not typically accompanied by pain and usually resolve on their own.
Visit a specialist if symptoms don’t go away or blood volume in semen increases or you feel some soreness pain.


An infection in the gland that secretes semen can lead to Prostatitis—a condition caused by bacterial infections in the prostate gland. Prostatitis can be short-term or long-lasting.

Other symptoms include a painful penis, rectum, testis, lower stomach, and back. The condition can lead to pain when ejaculating, urinating, and taking long calls.


Some STDs could lead to bloody semen. Gonorrhea and Genital Herpes, for instance, are sexually passed on infections that could lead to traces of blood in semen more so in under 40s.

Gonorrhea comes with other signs such as hurting when urinating, yellow penile secretion, and hurting testicles. Herpes causes a small sore blood blister.

Cancer of the penis, prostate or urethra

Though not a common cause or bloody semen, these treatable forms of cancer also come with symptoms like back pain, aching groin, hurting testicles, and scrotum.

Severe Hypertension

When blood pressure is too high, and out of control, the victim may see traces of blood in their semen andother symptoms like nose-bleeding, headache, and breathing difficulty.


A swelling, irritation, or infection in the urethra— the duct that passes out semen and urine— can lead to Urethritis. This condition can cause traces of blood in a victim’s semen and also cause stinging and irritation when urinating.

Extremes Sexual Activity

Rough sexual activity like extreme masturbation or sex with a mate could lead to bloody semen. This condition is not associated with any other symptoms and disappears as soon as in a day or two.

Who is at Risk?

Under 40s are likely to see blood in their semen because of the rates of Sexually transmitted infections among members of this group. Over 40s could experience bloody urine because of medical conditions like Prostatitis or Urethritis.

How to Get Medical Assistance

Discuss with your physician if these symptoms go and come from time to time or if you experience bloody semen and would like to know its cause.

Males below 40 may not need to see a doctor if the symptoms occur without other signs and go away in a matter of days— never to come back.

Males over 40 with this condition alongside other signs like pain when releasing sperms or urinating, among other symptoms, should see a physician.

Any case of bloody semen that lasts over three to four days should be discussed with a doctor. If possible, take a full STD test.

Treating Blood in Semen           
Most cases of blood in semen often go away without any medical attention.

For bloody semen cases triggered by bacterial infections, patients may need antibiotic prescriptions. No wonder you should see your medical expert if symptoms don’t go away.

Other serious conditions like severe blood pressure and cancer may require the appropriate treatment

Final Words

More often than not, bloody semen should not raise red flags. But any case that exceeds three days needs a doctor’s attention.