Gonorrhea in the list of antibiotic resistance

According to statistics conducted in 2014 about Gonorrhea information, it is estimated that there was 350,000 people in America had been affected by this disease. It has been classified as a malady that is in a position to resist antibiotics by the CDC a body entitled with the prevention and cure of viral diseases.

Is there a reason to worry after the CDC found out that gonorrhea as resisting the drugs? For instance, the famous Z-park drug that is used to heal the malady was detected as having some resistance from the virus causing gonorrhea. It was estimated that the susceptibility of the drug had reduced to 2.5 percent and had risen from 0.6 percent. However, the other drug that is administered together with Z-park did not get resistance from the virus, and it became ideal to be used by the medical practitioners. Besides, there is a trend that common antibiotics are getting resistance from the emerging diseases.

The reign of antibiotics resistance according to gonorrhea information.

There was a time when antibiotics were being used to heal most of the diseases. However, that era is getting washed away with the current conditions getting an irresistible bargain. It has been triggered by social and economic factors. Also, some medical factors also influence how the antibiotics work. For a long time, these drugs have been used by physicians to treat various types of diseases. Over time, the maladies have overpowered the medication, and it is evident that the illnesses are causing lots of deaths. However, medical practitioners are working very hard to ensure that we are not getting extinguished by these maladies.

How did the antibiotic resistance begin?

The majority of the people are wondering how the issue of the drugs getting resisted started. It all started in the 1930s during the introduction of the sulfonamides. The sulfonamides were seen as the remedy to deadly and incurable maladies. However, a few researches were conducted regarding the resistance, and it became evident that the greatest contributor was the genes. It was noted that any bacteria had a capacity of developing some form of resistance and sharing the resistance with other bacteria. The process of sharing genes triggered the formulation of the resistant bugs. The process of sharing the genes is known as lateral gene transfer.

The government is putting stringent measures on medical practitioners to ensure they desist from selling the drugs rampantly. Well, this campaign should also be relayed to the patients who are the most affected. It will ensure the laws are adhered to by all stakeholders. Furthermore, the government should sponsor the institutions that are mandated with the responsibility of carrying research on the emerging trends in the health industry.

Conversely, it is evident that the new trend is causing alarm as we cannot dispute the fact that resistance will cease from happening. However, the medical practitioners must continue with their search to ensure civilians get proper medication.