Don’t Spread STDs

A man from Newport News was arrested for intentionally spreading a sexually transmitted disease. The police arrested Andre L. Leaphart - forty years old, because of an incident that happened back in January 2016, which led him being accused of intentionally infecting someone with a sexually transmitted disease.

He was aware he was infected

According to those who were handling this case, the victim who came from Hampton claimed that he contracted a sexually transmitted infection by Leaphart, who is said to have been aware of his status at the time.

These claims led to the organizing of an investigation to verify these claims and later Leaphart was arrested and locked up in the Newport New City Jail.

On March, the victim who comes from Hampton discovered that he had tested positive for HIV, as it was written in the court documents. These documents were discovered by 10 on Your Side Show. 10 on Your Side is a program where you complain about something, give all your details and they usually research more about your claims and help you get justice if you are the one who has been wronged and there is proof.

The show based in Hampton Roads also showed how the victim discovered Leaphart’s infection when he saw his HIV medication. This means that Leaphart is likely to have not told the victim about his infection during the time of their relationship. Had his victim not found the medications, he is likely to have never known about it. Evidence shows that Leaphart had been infected since April 2015.

A sexual assault charge

Leaphart’s charge is sexual assault with the motive to transmit disease, which according to the constitution is a class six felony. With a class six felony, one goes to prison for more than a year but less than five years if tried in front of a jury. If tried without one, one goes to prison for less than twelve months and pays a fine of less than $2500. He was set to appear in court on Tuesday of July 11 2017.

This is the same Tuesday that people celebrate National HIV Testing. A party is being organized to be hosted on Tuesday night with the aim of encouraging people to go get tested. The LGBT Life Center will not only be see to it that they have followed some of their own goals but also saving lives when they have a party with the sole purpose of encouraging STD testing by people.

According to Christopher Reybrouck of LGBT Life Center, one should not fear to be tested since it is going to help one to take control of their health once they know their own status.

Reybrouck also says it is important that people who have tested negative for HIV and those who have tested positive are educated on taking control of their health and about the services they ought to or have received.

According to reports, almost eight thousand people in Hamptons are infected with HIV and hundreds who are tested every month.