The little pink pill

In October 2015, there was a report about the little pink pill. It is a debatable drug that was meant to improve or enhance the sex drive in women. It will be on sale the following weekend then.  Flibanserin is the very first USFDA approved pill made to be of help to ladies suffering from low libido. However, the approval was announced in August and it just came in with limitations, since the pill can lead to low blood pressure and loss of awareness as well, according to the FDA warning.

The pill was labeled Addyi’s and that includes a warning in the box saying that the pill must not be taken along with an alcoholic drink and it must not be used with other kinds of medicines and even by those with liver ailments. The pill must be taken once daily and its efficiency will be enjoyed at night time. It can only be given by doctors or pharmacists who have been tackled and understood the components of the drug along with its pros and cons according to the FDA. 

The effectiveness of the drug

Nowadays, the approval gives women the trouble by their low sexual want with the approved treatment choice. According to Dr. Woodcock of standard STD test panel, the FDA will make sure that there will be enough security and only advanced health means for women and they will be very much committed to sustaining the development of safer and highly effective treatments for sexual dysfunctions of women. She also added that Addyi will be available through prescription and by certified pharmacies only. It is because it can possibly cause serious interference with alcohol.

Dr. Thacker is a health specialist and a panelist at the standard STD test panel and she said that the approval of the FDA with Addyi gives an added help and choice for ladies throughout the country who suffers from sexual dysfunction. The medicine has been studied in more than 11,000 ladies and it really improved their sexual function.  It will not cure sexual dysfunction at all, it will not help every woman with sexual issues, however, it will play a role in providing them a therapy, she added. Just as other medicines, adults in relation with their doctors can come up with a well-informed result if it will be an effective and suitable therapy for their needs.

Dr. Kavaler, she is an urologist at a hospital in NYC said that even if the effectiveness of the pill is still unclear, it looks safe to use. The couples may have the choice to look for themselves if they wish or they do not want to boost their sexual drive. It is clear though that the pills will not deal with the emotional problem of the couples mores so, it will not tackle the problems that are lined with painful sexual intercourse.