You can get STD unconsciously


Yes, you may decide to abstain from sex but you still contract an STD, because that’s what being human is all about. That thing we tend to avoid with all our strength has a way of finding a backdoor to us. If you do not want to be the next visitor to a gynaecologist’s office, be sure to be cautious of the following apart from just having safe sex.




This posses the danger of infecting you with several STD’s such as herpes and HIV. If one shares a needle with an infected person, then you can be guaranteed of an STD. To prevent this danger, always be alert on where you go for your tattoos. Let be a hygienically fit place where individuals have their personal tattoo equipment. Be keen that the needles that are used on your body are either new or have been sterilized. In addition, refraining from drug abuse will go a long way in helping you out. Research shows that most drug users tend to share the same needle, hence the high rate of infection among them.




It does not matter whether you are doing it yourself or some else is doing it to you. Any unclean finger passing through your vagina can lead to a fatal STD infection. Some of the infection you may catch include HPV, UTI, or yeast infection. It’s advisable for individuals who get involved in foreplay to conduct private STD testing from time to time.


Lip balm


Are you too generous to even share your lip balm with your friends, even the closest of them all? Well, it’s about time you remembered that herpes is relentless. In case that person to whom you’ve shown a kind gesture has oral herpes, well you are the next on the line.


Dry humping with no clothes on


I must admit this quite a weird one, but pay attention because it can cause an STD. I mean, how do you even decide to get involved in dry humping while naked? That skin to skin contact can lead you into contracting herpes. That would be quite tricky explaining to your doctor.




You got it right ladies. That much beloved Brazilian wax which increases your sexiness exposes you to the danger of contracting STDs. The perpetrator in this case is the waxing stick. Salons notorious for reusing the spatula on different customers do expose them to the risk of STDs. The bottom line is that whatever coming close to your genitals must always be clean and exclusive.


Toilet seats


Those toilet seats look so comfortable but do not make a mistake of seating on them if they are public. By the way just make it a life rule that you cannot seat on a public toilet and you will have nothing to worry about. If you break it, well, UTIs, herpes, crabs will all be after you.