10 Reasons why you should not fear STD testing 

Anyone having sex should not fear STD testing because some STDs can be present in the body without any signs and symptoms. You aren’t going to remain safe from the STD Infections by staying away from free STD testing.

We sometimes think that by refusing to go for STD testing, we remain free from the infection. This is not true. Instead, we start to live in denial as the infection continues to affect us.

I believe that getting to an STD Testing near you and getting tested for STD Infections does not change the facts. Even so, taking an STD test helps in a number of ways- including instilling confidence in you.

Do you have any doubts?

Suppose you have an STD and you refuse to get tested, does the infection go away? Your guess is as good as my imagination! The infection continues to weaken the body system and, sadly, affecting your sexuality.

Unless you take precaution in good time and go for an STD testing, you risk having erectile dysfunction or, for ladies, inability to conceive or deliver.

And the result of continued wait?

Your health continues to deteriorate; stress props in; you start to guess on what the problem is likely to be, and your health continues to worsen.

Before it is late, you might realize that the condition is beyond help. You shouldn’t continue to suffer in silence. You have the responsibility to take action as early as today!

Nothing is stopping you from making the right decision. In your right conscious, it’s beyond your duty- It’s a major responsibility.

I have learned that information on STD testing out there is often inaccurate and misleading. I’ve had the pleasure to interact with a revered medical expert, discussing and sharing ideas on various misleading information on STDs.

I always wanted all the information that would help me avoid STI infections.

Initially, I found the information on STD testing confusing and scary. Anxiety and fear prevented me from getting tested for an STD.

I found solace in myths and misconceptions, listened to traditional stories and beliefs and continued to believe that STD testing was unnecessary.

Soon I learned that I was not the only disturbed about testing for STDs. A look at Google search engines showed that many other people were equally seeking information on the need for STD testing.

But that was short-lived. Later, I would make it a routine to get tested. I have never regretted this decision- and I shall never regret it anyway.

I had made a commitment to regularly and consistently go for free STD testing near me to ascertain my status, with or without having sex.

And because I am not the only one that is disturbed by the need to get tested, here are 10 reasons why you should not fear STD Testing.

10 reasons why you should not fear STD Testing

         1.The surest way to remain safe is to get tested before and after having sex 

Sex is sacred. The moment you have sex, there are equal chances that you are infected or not. STD test helps you avoid living in denial. Get tested and be sure of your health.

         2. Getting tested is the surest way to get your health protected

STD testing makes you aware of your health status. It also makes you know the status of your partner. This knowledge is essential in making consideration for safe sex

        3. Getting tested is easy and quick

STD tests time is very short. You are probably not going to wait for more than one hour at the health facility. Fix a few minutes out of your busy schedule and go for an STD testing.

       4. Most STDs are treatable, some are curable

You shouldn’t be worried about the results of your STD tests. If anything, the outcome should not scare you. Most of the STDs are treatable in the health facilities. Better still the diseases are curable.

The outcome of the test helps the physicians make a determination and where need be, initiate the medication process.

       5.Physical looks cannot be used to confirm any infection

You shouldn’t make judgments from physical looks or appearances. There are STDs that do not show any signs or symptoms in the body. You can only be sure of your health status through testing in a health facility.

       6. A good number of people are infected yet they are not aware

You need to get tested for STD so that you are aware of your status. Having awareness on your status helps you to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions. Failure to know your status might lead to infecting other people.

      7. Even the virgins can have STDs 

STDs do not have a preference for a person’s social status. Even without sex, you can still have STDs. There are STDs that can easily be contracted through having skin contact with an infected person. To be sure of your status, you’d better take an STD test in good time.

      8.It is never too late to have safe sex

Sexually transmitted infection does not stop a person from having sex forever. Information on your STD status helps you to make essential sexual decisions. After treatment, you can still enjoy sex with your partner with him or him contracting an STD. It is even now clear that most STDs are either curable or treatable.

      9. To worry is more dangerous than to know 

Some people avoid STD testing because of fear. It is the fear of the unknown that keeps them away from the STD testing centers. It is better to be sure that you are infected than to be worried. The results from the STD tests are essential in making the right decisions and seek treatment, in cases where the results turn out to be positive. It also makes you develop courage and avoid living in denial.

       10. Because you have respect for yourself and your partner

 Having respect for your partner and yourself should also give you a reason too for an STD test. When you respect yourself, you’d not love to hurt your body. Similarly, you’d not love to hurt your partner’s body by refusing to take an STD test. STD tests help to boost trust and aid the development of faith in your relationship.