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Date:   November 16th, 2018

Best practices for HPV testing


New research on HPV testing gave the same results when Dr. Rachel and Dr. Constance engaged in the same kind of study as the UW Medicine researchers. However, the UW Medicine researchers stated that unlike the study by the Canadian study, the HPV –screening is more accurate at detecting cervical pre-cancers than relying on the existing use of Pap smear. By this, they hope that screening would be best used for primary diagnosis for cervical cancer in clinics and home care services.

Date:   November 13th, 2018

Strange ways that you can get an STI


Ways to get an STI


There are other methods of contracting these infections though rare and incredible. However, it is safer to prevent than treat.

Date:   November 9th, 2018

Drug resistant gonorrhea slowly establishing its roots


 Men at higher risk than women


Gonorrhea cases, often are prevalent in men and women under age of 25 and are treatable with certain antibiotics as observed in New Zeeland. Increased cases of resistance to antibiotics have been reported over time. This is closely linked to the increased use all over the state of molecular detection tests for gonorrhea and other STIs and this has in return reduced the samples that are submitted for culture and follow up screening. This makes it difficult for the clinicians to optimize treatment for each patient.

Date:   November 6th, 2018

Cases of Chlamydia on the rise once again


However, little input has been employed in treatment of Mgen related disease since it is often misdiagnosed as Chlamydia and thus higher chances of its development to a “superbug”. Studies reveal too that Mgen may also mutate to a superbug within a period of 10 years. These bacteria are approximated to be found in between 1-2% of   infected men and women with no symptoms presented. Some symptoms may be observed in patients, but they are often mistaken for other STIs including Chlamydia. The disease caused by Mgen may sometimes be misdiagnosed and treated for Chlamydia since there do not exist commercial diagnostic tests for Mgen like those for chlamydia.

Date:   November 2nd, 2018

Gender differences in the infection of STIs


An approximate estimate reveals that 78 million people are infected with this infection caused by Neisseria gonorrhea as at the WHO statistics. This study reveals that the men show pronounced signs of infection. Gender features are of significant in this study since the symptoms are better identifiable in males and according to the research by scientists from Tufts University School of Medicine shows that there are gender specific signals in infection and resistance genes to antibiotics after conducting their study and comparing the gonococcal gene expression and its regulation in both genders.

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